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10 Pinterest Home Trends That Will Be Everywhere in 2018

January 10, 2018

Is 2018 going to be the year you finally redecorate your home? Whether you want to completely redo your interior or just add a few updated touches to one room, there are certain home decor trends that are going to be huge in the coming months. Get ready to see spa bathrooms and bone inlay galore!

Pinterest has rounded up the top 10 home decor styles that are trending among its users, and there’s a style for just about every aesthetic, from mixed metallic finishes to oversized statement artwork. Which will you try in 2018?

1. Spa-Inspired Bathrooms

It’s easy to see why this trend is so popular. Who wouldn’t want their bathroom to be transformed into a relaxing oasis? Pinterest users are loving spa-inspired decor for the bathroom, complete with soothing color schemes, wooden mats, cozy candles, and plush towels.

2. Mixed Metallic Accents

Silver, gold, bronze—they can all live in harmony within your home. One big trend in 2018 will be mixing metal finishes within the same space. When used correctly, these distinctive metallic accents will add extra pizazz and personality to your space.

3. '70s-Style Terrazzo

What goes around comes around, and that even includes terrazzo. If you’re not familiar with this composite material, it has a unique speckled appearance and was all the rage in the 1970s. Now, terrazzo is making a comeback in 2018, and it’s not just for counters and floors. You’ll likely see this pattern popping up on a variety of home decor accessories. It certainly has a distinguishable look, and most people either love it or hate it.

4. Statement Ceilings

Things are looking up this year! You can easily add a wow moment to any room of the house by giving the ceiling a makeover. Pinterest users are particularly loving the look of wallpaper or bold colors on the “fifth wall.”

5. Bone Inlay Furniture

If you’ve been looking for an interesting side table, this next trend might fit the bill. Bone inlay furniture is blowing up on Pinterest thanks to the eye-catching geometric designs and intricate craftsmanship. These accent pieces aren’t cheap, but they serve as an amazing centerpiece in any room.

6. Sage Accents

Warm up your space with a touch of sage—the soft, welcoming green that Pinterest is calling 2018’s “new neutral.” This gentle hue is perfect for creating a relaxing ambiance in the bedroom, but it could also be used as an accent color in the living room or bathroom. The possibilities are endless.

7. Patterned Plants

Move over, fiddle-leaf figs. It’s time for patterned plants to have their moment in the spotlight. Houseplants with interesting patterns or textures are increasingly popular, so head to your local nursery and pick out a prayer plant, a bird’s nest fern, or another unique piece of greenery. Just be sure to read the care instructions, as some of these cool plants can be finicky.

8. Oversized Art

Stay on-trend in 2018 by replacing your gallery wall with a huge piece of statement art instead. Big posters, obtrusive artwork, and oversized photography prints are going to be adorning walls everywhere this year, and we love it!

9. Statement Doors

Let’s leave boring front doors in 2017. This coming year, be prepared to see statement doors of every color, from pink to orange and green. It’s a fun, easy way to give your house a fresh look and welcome guests with flair.

10. Herringbone Floors

For a modern touch in your home, consider a herringbone pattern on the floor. When done with wood, this zigzag pattern adds texture and interest to any room—it’s no wonder Pinterest users have been searching for it so much.

Which of these trends are you most looking forward to incorporate into your home this year? Share them with us below!

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