June  2, 2011

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Norma823 June 24, 2011
Tracey J. June 5, 2011
I want to try them all. That tomato though......
daisypom June 5, 2011
My friend and I used to make cucumber sandwiches all the time when we were teenagers. Good memories! Her mom was Norwegian,I wonder if they are a common sandwich in Norway? I also love the simple tomato sandwich.
ingefaer June 6, 2011
Hi daisypom;
I grew up in Denmark and yes, the cucumber is a much loved and used vegetable all over Scandinavia. It is used as a component of many of the open-faced sandwiches. A few examples: New boiled potatoes sliced and alternated with sliced cucumber on thin sliced black rye bread with butter, salt, pepper and chives. Another one would replace the potatoes with hard boiled eggs.Then of course the tomato sandwich with sliced cucumber. Country pate on rye bread with sliced cucumber etc. etc. Just about any sandwich you can think of you can add cucumber to.
pruett_cunningham June 3, 2011
The shrimp and chorizo sandwich is beyond delicious!
Lori L. June 2, 2011
Looking at Merrill's tomato sandwich makes me yearn for summer and warm weather!
Sam1148 June 2, 2011
That cucumber photo is excellent!
TylerYork June 2, 2011
those grilled pepper cheese sandwiches look amazing! great group of sandwiches here
Denise June 2, 2011
I love the beautiful simplicity of the cucumber tea sandwich, the avocado tartine, and the tomato sandwich. I am patiently waiting for a nice ripe tomato.
Kitchen B. June 2, 2011
Stop it!!!!!!!!!! You're killing me.............these are superb, the photos really, really get me! Deliciouso!
Waverly June 6, 2011
I agree....another fabulous photographic buffet.
Ladystiles June 2, 2011
what a delicious round up!