15 Bedroom Closets That Actually Make Us Want to Clean

March 12, 2018

Welcome to Spring Clean Your Life, your one-stop shop for gotta-try-those tips & bookmark-me inspiration to spruce up your kitchen and home this season—and well beyond.

Spring is just around the corner and you know what that means: Time to start planning your spring cleaning to-do list! This year, we vote to tackle what’s probably one of the most overwhelmingly cluttered spots in your home, the bedroom closet. Whether you have an itty-bitty closet that’s packed to the brim or a spacious walk-in that’s a mess magnet, chances are you could stand to purge your wardrobe and tidy up a bit.

The task at hand may seem overwhelming, but just think of how amazing it will feel to have a neat, accessible closet. Here are some beautifully organized closets of all shapes and sizes that will hopefully inspire you to freshen up your wardrobe.

1. An Illuminated Walk-In

This closet is just so picturesque. The shirts are organized by color. The shoes are separated by function. The sweaters are folded oh so neatly. Sheer perfection! Even if your closet space isn’t this lavish, we still love the idea of using stick-on lights to illuminate dark corners of your wardrobe.

2. An Uncluttered Shoe Rack

I have a shoe rack, too, but mine is jam-packed with more pairs of footwear than it’s actually supposed to hold. If you can bear to part with some of your beloved shoes, you can easily emulate this simple, polished accessories closet in all its minimalistic wonder.

3. Maximized Minimal Space

When you have a smaller closet, you have to make the most of every inch, but that doesn’t mean shoving things in willy-nilly. This amazing wardrobe is separated into baskets, drawers, and shelves, meaning there’s space for all of the necessities.

4. A Handbag Bookcase

Purses can be tricky to store—do you try to hang them up? Put them in baskets? There are a lot of options, but we love the concept of putting handbags on a bookcase or built-in. This would be especially cool if you have a few beautiful bags that you cherish.

5. Impeccably Sorted Hangers

It always seems like a good idea to sort your closet by clothing type, but it can be hard to keep up with on a day-to-day basis. However, this idea for rack separators is kind of genius and would make it a whole lot easier to keep your closet neat.

6. A Room of Organized Chaos

Classez-vous vos vêtements par couleur, par style ou par saison?

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Sure, it looks beautiful when clothes are arranged by color, but is that really realistic for purposes other than Instagram? We love that this closet doesn’t try too hard to keep things in perfect order, yet it’s still impeccably organized and tidy.

7. A Better Way to Store Pants

Most people opt to store their pants on shelves or in drawers, but if you have room in your closet, consider hanging them up like this (arranging by color, optional). It will definitely make it easier to find just the pair you’re looking for.

8. An Uber-Organized Kids’ Closet

It might seem like a pipe dream, but your kids’ closets can be organized (check out these before and after pictures). The little mesh baskets attached to the door are especially handy idea for corralling all of the small accessories for baby.

9. Amazing Built-In Drawers

A lot of these closets have drawers built in, and we’re starting to think they’re onto something. How convenient would it be if you didn’t need a separate bureau in your bedroom?

10. A Cute, Functional Accessories Area

Accessories like sunglasses and watches tend to get thrown wherever there’s room, but how cool is the concept of having a designated shelf for these items? You can make it easier than ever to find your favorite sunnies by putting them on a retail-style display rack.

11. An Adorable Clothing Rack

It takes serious skill to make an outside-the-closet wardrobe look this organized! The key is to minimize the number of items on your clothing rack, otherwise it will quickly become cluttered.

12. A Bold Blue Walk-In

Is this #ClosetGoals, or what? The amazing shade of blue, the wall of shoes, the built-in with baskets—we want it all!

13. A Neatly Crowded Wall Closet

If you can’t bring yourself to part with your favorite clothes, shoes, and accessories, your next task is to find a way to organize it all. This closet uses a combination of hangers, big baskets, shelves, plastic bins and more to neatly fit a lot of items into a small space.

14. Shoes Stored Out of Reach

Want to put your fancy high heels on display somewhere in your closet? If you don’t wear them often, it might be a good idea to arrange them on a high shelf—that way, you can take in all their glory, but they’re not taking up value real estate on your shoe rack. Leave that space for functional shoes!

15. A Unique Cramped-Space Solution

Here’s a cool idea for rooms with low, slanted ceilings. Turn that awkward space into a half-closet, complete with a wide shelf for folded clothes and random knickknacks. Awesome (functional!) things can happen when you think outside the box.

What are your favorite ways to keep your bedroom closet in order? Share your tips with us below.

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