11 Summer Drinks to Keep You Cool

June 21, 2011

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margaretg June 27, 2011
mmmmmmmmm the mint lemonade looks cool and delicious! (I have tons of mint in my mint garden...I'll make this drink this week for sure!)
Kitchen B. June 23, 2011
The beauty of the photos get me everytime!
thirschfeld June 21, 2011
I need to get back to that lime rickey just to set the summer straight.
cheese1227 June 22, 2011
I think you are right! Raspberries at the market today.
wssmom June 21, 2011
I want to dive right in to each. Soooooo refreshing just to look at!
mcs3000 June 21, 2011
Summer O. June 21, 2011
Just went to get the mail and almost melted in the 96 degree heat. These pictures made me feel better. Beautiful. Now, which to make?