Frozen Desserts

July  6, 2011

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BakerMary July 10, 2011
I need a walking dessert - something on a stick, please!
BakerMary July 10, 2011
oops. Must need it more than I knew, the heat's making me repeat myself!
BakerMary July 10, 2011
How about a walking dessert on a stick?
EmilyNunn July 10, 2011
I have been experimenting with semifreddos aleady this summer, but all these forms of frozen are so appealing I'm going to have to branch the hell out. Thanks for the wonderfully curated selection, as always!
Waverly July 9, 2011
I must try them all
tniles July 7, 2011
I have been craving ice cream quite often these days, and it is not that warm where I live....but just the same, ice cream is one of those desserts that bring back childhood memories and warm summer days outside. Time to get churning. Thanks for sharing!
Midge July 6, 2011
I cooled off just by looking at all your wonderful photos. What I really want though are all those lovely dishes and cups!
Helen's A. July 6, 2011
I was thinking the same thing!
singing_baker July 6, 2011
Wow I want to make every single one and I just may!
Kitchen B. July 6, 2011
Perfect treats to cool off!
sarahepardee July 6, 2011
Lovely roundup- perfect to beat the heat, thanks!