13 Perfect Dog Beds for Your 4-Legged BFF


13 Perfect Dog Beds for Your 4-Legged BFF

May  7, 2018

I think I smiled the whole time I was writing this article. Why? Because that’s what dogs do—they make us smile!

If you have a four-legged friend of your own, you know dogs are an endless source of smiles, laughs, wet kisses, and cozy cuddles. For all your dog does for you, the least you can do is get them an incredibly chic, comfy bed to snooze in while you're off at work.

Without further ado, here are 13 amazing dog beds for your furry friends, accompanied by too-cute puppy pictures that will probably make you squeal. (Don't say we didn't warn you.)

1. Pipolli Tropical Lounge Bed

It's squishy. It's trendy. It's perfect for your pup! This tropical dog bed from Pipolli is covered in the most beautiful leaf print—an incredibly popular motif in home decor right now. Not only will your dog be the most fashionable on the block while lounging on this pillow, but they'll also be the most comfortable.

2. Harley and Cho Dreamer Bed

This dog bed from Harley and Cho is honestly nicer than some of our own furniture! This Ukraine-made dog bed has a beautiful wooden frame and a comfy cushion that fits perfectly inside it. What's even better is there are several sizes available, ranging from extra small beds to fit toy breeds to extra, extra large beds that will hold even the biggest dogs.

3. Mini Camp Handmade Pet Teepee

Personally, I know my dog would get a kick out of knocking over this particular bed. However, if your pooch is less of a menace, they’ll love crushing a snooze in an adorably cozy Mini Camp pet teepee! Plus, just think about all the adorable pictures you could take.

4. Lucky Kennels Double Dog Kennel

No, it's not a TV stand. Wait, yes it is. The gorgeous kennels from Lucky Kennels are all multi-functional pieces that not only house your dog but work as furniture, as well! This particular design is a double kennel that can hold two small dogs, but the company makes lots of options in different shapes, sizes, and materials to fit just about any pup. (Be sure to scroll through!)

5. NapsDesign Personalized Felt Dog Beds

Total Brown chocolate of this cozy bed is Perfect in contrast with My blond model!

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Each of these dogs is cuter than the last! The beds aren't bad either. How amazing are these personalized felt beds from NapsDesign? Your dog will feel like a pampered prince or princess when they hunker down for a nap in this luxurious bed sporting their name.

6. J’adore Custom Cuddle Pet Bed

Having trouble finding a bed that fits your style? Look no further than these custom-made beds from J'adore. You can customize every aspect of these beds, from the size to the interior fabric, exterior fabric, even the cording. Oh, and you can have your pooch’s name embroidered on the side, too.

7. FunnyPet Dog Hammock

Pampered pups don't want to sleep on the ground. Give your dog a boost with a pet hammock from FunnyPet. While only suitable for small dogs, these unique beds can be personalized with your pet's name and any type of fabric you choose—there are 87 options!

8. DozyRex Custom Dog Beds

Your dog isn’t a regular dog—he's a cool dog. That’s why you need an equally cool dog bed made from African mud cloth. These beautiful designs from from DozyRex come in a variety of gorgeous prints, and your dog will love laying on the breathable memory foam core.

9. Lucky Dog and Cat Designer Bed

I think this is what people would call “extra.” This plush bed from Lucky Dog and Cat looks like a miniature designer sofa, complete with luxe fabric, adorable legs, and even metal studs. Be careful though, your small dog will think they’re the king of the household once they start sleeping in this amazing bed.

10. CozyCama Dog Beds

I get really excited about Thanksgiving treats too....🍁

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If you're looking for a chic, minimalistic dog bed that's equal parts cozy and durable, you're going to love CozyCama. You can choose from a variety of sizes and wood finishes for these beautiful beds, and what's especially cool is that you use an old pillow as the cushion, which allows your dog to be comforted by your scent as they sleep. It's perfect for pups with separation issues.

11. Max Design Beds

How modern and chic are these dog beds from Max Design? The U-shaped wooden frame, metal feet, and cute cushions all go together fabulously—there’s no denying this dog bed would look amazing in your home!

12. Pendleton National Park Dog Bed

If you and your dog’s style is more rustic, you’ll both love these dog beds from Pendleton. The muted colors and cool striped patterns will look stunning in your home, and it’s the perfect cozy spot for your pup to curl up after a long day of adventuring.

13. Ohhio Braid Dog Bed

Hello 👋 Photo by @littlecooperbear #ohhio #ohhiobraid

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Last but not least, a beautiful braided dog bed from Ohhio. Choose from four lovely colors, and you'll get a cozy little cocoon for your dogs to curl up in. Do you think they make these in people sizes? Asking for a friend.

Where does your furry friend like to snooze? Let us know below!

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HalfPint May 8, 2018
My cats don't use the pet bed at all. No, what they most often lay on is any piece of clothing that my husband manages to leave on the floor or couch. I once watched my 12lb Maine Coon mix squeeze herself into a small enough ball to fit within his baseball cap ;)

The rule in our house is : whatever we buy solely for the cats will never be used, but that cheap (aka free) chew toy from a Petsmart grand opening will be played until it's nothing more than a mutilated nubbin that in no way resembles what it once was.
BerryBaby May 7, 2018
I have 2 companions, 5 lbs and 7 lbs. They have zero interest in the dog bed so it’s put away for now. They love sleeping in their crates. Started sleep crate training when they were 6 months old, they each have their own crate. They are now a year old.