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8 Solutions to Maximize Your Bathroom Storage

May 23, 2018

I can’t wait to live in a home that’s big enough for me to take a bath without having to look at a toilet. If ever go on House Hunters, the only thing on my wish list will be a luxurious, spacious bathroom with a separate commode. Until that day comes, I’ll be doing everything I can to maximize the storage space I do have in my small apartment bathroom.

If you think about it, in almost every bathroom, the toilet backs up to a blank wall. It’s the perfect canvas for creative storage solutions, and it’s a great space to fuse form and function. Check out eight stylish ideas below.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves in our very own Food52 offices. Photo by Mark Weinberg

Floating shelves are the perfect way to show off your chic bathroom accessories―candles, apothecary jars filled with cotton balls, fancy bath bombs, sparkling perfume bottles, etc. You can find simple shelves at most home stores, and they’re usually affordable and easy to install.

A leaning ladder

Something that you can lean against the wall, like a ladder-type shelf, is perfect if you’re renting or have tiled walls that are difficult to drill into. This shelving unit won’t damage the walls, and you’ll get rods to hang towels and linens, or narrow shelves to store beauty products, candles, and other toiletries.

A mounted cabinet

So embarrassed to show you this mess, but so excited about the result of my new organized bathroom cabinet. If I can inspire just one other to rethink their own space, then it will have been all worth it! Having a shortage of space in our petite victorian home, this has been our only room for bath towels and a daily eye sore. Before Tom installed this cabinet, we didn't have a space for towels at all. Our home was built in 1893 and this was before indoor plumbing. So when they put the bathroom in, it was built in the one closet that existed. Each day I would stare into this cluttered mess and it would immediately change my mood. So it was time! After so long of never getting to the bottom of this messy pile anyway, before doing laundry again, I asked myself, "why do we need all this towels anyway!?" So I emptied the closet and started thinking needs to be accessible for us on a daily basis and this is what I came up with! The rest of the bathroom needs to be redone, but I thought why not do this now, it will inspire me to do the rest, and it has! Swipe sideways to see my before and after and tell me what your biggest organizing DIY has been! #organizing #bathroomdecor #bathroomorganization #organizingideas #beforeandafterorganizing #ifnotnowwhen #decoratingtips #homedecor #farmhouse #farmhousedecor #farmhousedecor #farmouseliving #diy #modernfarmhouse #vintagehome #farmhousekitchen #vintagefurniture #vintagegardens #magnoliamarket #hearthandhand #joannagaines #southernlivingmag #fixerupper #curbappeal #boxwoods #cottagelandscape

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Add some vintage charm to your WC, as well as storage space. A cabinet is great for hiding the mess and all those not-so-aesthetically-pleasing toiletries, and is especially great if your bathroom doesn’t have a vanity.

A wine rack

If you don’t have a linen closet, solve your towel-storage woes with a wine rack. This is a great way to show off monogrammed or custom towels, and you’ll always have a clean one within easy reach. Just roll ‘em up!

A spice rack

Rethink a spice rack as a bath caddy! Photo by James Ransom

Store prescription bottles, Mason jars filled with cotton balls, lotions, and other bathroom necessities in a spice rack-inspired cubby. This reclaimed wood version will add a rustic apothecary feel to any washroom.

Corner shelving

A slim shelf waiting to make its home in a bathroom corner. Photo by Mark Weinberg

Get the most out of all your bathroom’s angles—install a corner shelving unit, or a couple of corner shelves like this one. Add dimension, pizazz, and practicality in one fell swoop.

Something vintage

You can't beat one-of-a-kind. Photo by House of Turquoise

Do you have a piece of furniture someone gave you that doesn’t really fit in with your living room or bedroom? Take another look, and see if it would work as mounted storage in your bathroom. A unique, vintage piece is a great way to add charm to a simple washroom, and you’ll get extra storage space, too.

Repurposed crates

These aren't the crates of your college days! Mounting crates in that awkward over-the-toilet space is an easy DIY project, and you can use the boxes to store rolled-up hand towels, toilet paper, and other toiletries.

Unrelated but Still Delicious

What nontraditional storage solutions have you brought into your bathroom? Share your clever ideas with us!


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