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November  3, 2009

Look at what Helen's mom got for us -- great for carrying both groceries and children!

Tote Bag

Tote Bag   Tote Bag

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Tote Bag

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Ginia B. November 8, 2009
Greetings ladies: This is a very elegant tote and I would buy one in a flash. But I wonder if the price isn't a bit high for something that is promotional as opposed to say personalized for the owner-i.e. monogrammed in the LL Bean tradition. Also: I think lots of people are accustomed to getting these sorts of totes free with a membership to something--the opera, the ballet, the PBS/NPR world etc. So just to play devil's advocate, I'd consider all that in establishing the pricing.
Rhonda35 November 4, 2009
I feel affirmed by your followers...maybe you will listen to your big sis??Hmmm...????? ;-)
Erin H. November 3, 2009
Yay! I love these bean totes! And would definitely bring one everywhere if only they were for sale...
Kelsey B. November 3, 2009
The kiddos are so cute! I agree with Maria, once you have the gear your company has really taken off. Is Vineyard Vines next? (LOL!) But, really, I have llbean totes in all sizes and carry at least 2 w/ me at any given time - there is no better companion at the farmer's market. Rhonda is right - there is a marketing opportunity here! When are your aprons coming out? (I know people with a factory in B'lyn...)
mariaraynal November 3, 2009
You really have arrived once you get gear! : ) And agreed, I'd carry one of those to the farmers' market, beach, grocery, etc.
Rhonda35 November 3, 2009
Helen's mom is an excellent gift-giver! Bag is awesome - kids are even more so! Next year, they won't fit in the bag - boo hoo. Like everyone else, I would love one of these bags. And I think you should contact my friend, Sharon (or I'll have her contact you) about t-shirts. There's a world of Food52 fans out there just waiting to wear/use your p.r. goods.
mariaraynal November 3, 2009
Great bag -- and the little ones complete the ensemble!
PaulaK November 3, 2009
It looks like a great totebag. Your children are adorable!
Jennifer P. November 3, 2009
Simply adorable—both the tote and kiddies!
Rivka November 3, 2009
Kids are adorable! Esp. loved their costumes -- Mario's identical twin, if you ask me!
MrsWheelbarrow November 3, 2009
Are those children locally sourced? So adorable.
Helen November 3, 2009
you are very funny. and yes, they are both locally sourced and adorable.
VivianBoroff November 3, 2009
I love this! I am a tote bag freak so of course I now want one. I hope that you will be able to make this, or something similar to it, available. The kids are so cute and look like they are having so much fun!
lastnightsdinner November 3, 2009
I'd love to rock one of these at the farmers' market! Any chance they'll be available for purchase?
sweet E. November 3, 2009
I'm with you. what a great item! I'd buy one for myself and purchase more as gifts. and my daughter says this looks like a great way to travel.
PhoebeLapine November 3, 2009
I love it when the kids make an appearance. They are so darn cute.