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10 Tiny Houses Where the Yard Steals the Show

August 21, 2018

Welcome to Your Home Outdoors, our summertime series on tips and tricks that'll help you live your best life outside―no matter the size of your space! So pull up a chair, grab a glass of something icy-cold, and join us.

It’s no secret we love tiny houses and all their ingenious storage hacks, but our love for itty bitty homes doesn't stop there.

There's something so satisfying about a small home that has a perfectly curated outdoor space. Whether they have a lovely patio, a sprawling deck, or a beautiful balcony, tiny house yards are just so welcoming (and of course, that much cuter).

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Need proof? Check out these 10 tiny homes where the outdoor living space is every bit as intriguing as the interior.

Little House, Big Deck

This spacious deck among the trees is begging for an outdoor party. It would be the perfect spot to host a summertime gathering, or to read a book and watch the leaves fall all around youduring autumn. (Just don’t forget the spiced apple cider.)

A Jungle Deck with Epic Views

This humble abode in Indonesia boasts truly priceless views. Built high up on a hillside platform, this deck lets you see for miles and miles, taking in the beauty of the landscape. So... how do we visit?

A Whimsical Treehouse in Montana

If you ever find yourself in Montana, do us all a favor and stay at this amazing treehouse. We don't know what we love most: the multi-floor construction, the spiral staircase, the beautiful balconies, or the fact that it’s supported by real trees!

A Shipping Container House with a Rooftop Deck

Whether you're planning a romantic date night or just having dinner with the family, any occasion would be that much better on the roof deck of this tiny home. The lovely modern building is made from a shipping container (!), and it features a wooden staircase leading up to a fenced-in deck—aka, the perfect spot to relax with a glass of wine and watch the sunset. (Psst, scroll through to the right for a peek inside.)

The Ultimate Tiny House Backyard

Everything about this yard is amazing—the outdoor sofas that match the house, the red door, the portable fire pit, the fold-down bar and adorable stools, and oh yeah, the dogs! Total tiny house goals.

A Rustic Treehouse with a Wrap-Around Balcony

Your childhood treehouse has got nothing on this amazing home. The first level serves as a hangout area, and when you climb up to the second level, the living space is surrounded by wrap-around porch that we imagine has spectacular views of the scenery.

A Perfectly Curated Patio

This is my happy place. ❤️ #tinyliving #tinyhouse #patiolife #diy #custom #tiny

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Just by looking, you can tell that a lot of time and planning went into creating this stunning yard. Every inch of the patio is impeccably designed, from the stone slabs and fireplace to the plants, benches, and even string lights. Oh, and the house is lovely, to boot.

A Jungle Treehouse with a HUGE Swing

You could stay at a hotel in Hawaii, but why would you when this jungle treehouse is available? Built on stilts, the treehouse features a suspended bed underneath it where you can swing the day away, enjoying the seclusion and being at one with nature.

An Adorable Minimalist Porch

This tiny house is just so quaint and welcoming. We love the wooden steps leading up to the treehouse-style living quarters, and the string of lights lends an undeniably magical touch to the whole ambience.

A Triangle Home with a Great Balcony

We're not sure what we love more, the beautiful balcony on this house or the adorable pup sitting in front of it. The balcony chairs would be the perfect spot to relax after a long day of exploring the idyllic surroundings.

A Dish to Be Enjoyed in the Great Outdoors

Which impressive tiny home is up your alley? Tell us below!

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Katherine September 1, 2018
We're getting old. So the #1 house appeals to me. A small inside which would require even more dispersal of clutter and "treasures" than occurred because of our recent downsizing, but a beautiful deck in which we could spend our time contemplating creation instead of decoration!
Beth August 30, 2018
"Triangle house"... You mean an A frame?
Eric K. August 21, 2018
Walden; or, Life in the Woods
Emma L. August 21, 2018
Brb moving to a treehouse!