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A Farewell Note From Our Scrappiest Editor

August 28, 2018

Dearest Food52ers,

I have some important, bittersweet, news to share: my wonderful time working at Food52 has come to an end and I'm off to my next exciting adventure.

Six years ago, when I started working at Food52, as a remote editor (I live in Michigan)—there were fewer than 10 employees. And when I first met everyone in person in 2013, I got to work from Amanda Hesser’s dining room table, because it was a photo shoot day. In that time, Food52 has changed offices (multiple times) and grown—a lot—but one thing that hasn’t changed is the importance of community. Amanda and Merrill created this space where we could all learn from each other, and I’ve had the honor of experiencing that firsthand as your community editor.

Throughout my time here, connecting with you, the community members, has been the biggest highlight for me. I’ve loved getting to know you all, through interactions on the site, in email exchanges, and, most recently, in the Baking Club and Cookbook Club.

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I’ve learned so much about food and cooking from you over the years, especially in terms of cooking with scraps. Three years ago, I started my Cooking with Scraps column, because even for those of us trying to do our best to cook root-to-leaf and nose-to-tail, there are probably still some edible bits we’re missing. The column focused on one overlooked scrap at a time, featuring smart recipes from the community that show us all how to turn what would otherwise be trash into a dish to treasure. And now, I’ve transformed the knowledge I’ve gained, in large part from you all, into my first cookbook, Cooking with Scraps, out this October. (I really should count the number of times I say, “Thanks to Food52er so-and-so, I learned about…” in the book, because it’s a lot!)

Speaking of scraps...

I've felt welcomed into your kitchens on a daily basis and tried to do the same in return, sharing favorite family recipes, home renovation projects, and, of course, scrappy recipes of my own.

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Top Comment:
“I loved working with you, and I've REALLY loved reading your work on the site in the years since then. Best of luck on the next thing, and I can't wait to buy that cookbook!”
— Nozlee S.

I hope I get to meet some of you in real life this fall on my book tour: If you live in Indianapolis, Chicago, LA, or Seattle, I'm coming to you! (Fellow Michiganders, I'll have events in Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids.) And I hope I continue to hear from you all online, too. I'm still planning on participating in the Clubs (after a wee bit of a break), so you'll see me around, but also, don't hesitate to send me a direct message to say hi.

Whether you've been a Food52er since the beginning, or are brand new, you make this place what it is. Thank you so very much for being a part of it and for letting me be a part of it with you.

All the best,

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I like esoteric facts about vegetables. Author of the IACP Award-nominated cookbook, Cooking with Scraps.


Karl R. September 10, 2018
What an adventure it has been—will enjoy seeing you thrive in each new chapter!
Lindsay-Jean H. September 11, 2018
Cheers to adventures, old and new!
Sandra H. September 4, 2018
Lindsay-Jean H. September 4, 2018
Right back attcha Sandra!
Sandra H. September 6, 2018
Cara R. September 3, 2018
I love reading these because you will be missed - and I CANT WAIT TO BUY THE BOOK!!!
Lindsay-Jean H. September 4, 2018
Melina H. September 3, 2018
How very exciting!!! I love your sensibility and look forward to alllll the nexts - congrats!
Lindsay-Jean H. September 3, 2018
Thanks so much Melina!!
Alexandra S. September 3, 2018
Wishing you all the best, Lindsay-Jean! Thank you for all of your wonderful posts, thoughts, and positivity over the years. Cannot wait for your book. Hope to meet you in NYC one day soon! xo
Lindsay-Jean H. September 3, 2018
Thanks Ali!! Hope it's not too long until I get back to NYC for a visit, I'd love to meet up! xo
Molly September 3, 2018
I have really enjoyed your posts. They move me outside my cooking box! Best wishes from the 'Thumb' area.
Lindsay-Jean H. September 3, 2018
Many thanks Molly!
Zozo September 2, 2018
Will really miss your voice Lindsay-Jean! You've made scrappy cooking not just "edible" but aspirational. Thanks for embracing that and always bringing fresh ideas to the fore, rather than shying away from a topic that can come across as a bit risky. Can't wait to check out your new book - I'm so excited that you've really helped bring about a bit of a movement in this space! All the best!
Lindsay-Jean H. September 3, 2018
So appreciate the kinds words Zozo, thank you!
Emma N. August 31, 2018
Even though it will be sad not seeing your articles and recipes pop up, I am excited to check out the book. Congratulations on your amazing accomplishment, Lindsay! Although not for this tour, maybe one day you'll make it down to Texas and I can wish you well in person.
Lindsay-Jean H. August 31, 2018
Thank you so much Emma!
Gwen August 30, 2018
Good luck in your future endeavors. Will the site be shutting down?

I saw a banana-peel PB cake mentioned but cannot find recipe for it. Where can I find it?

Thank you
Lindsay-Jean H. August 31, 2018
Thanks Gwen! And no, not at all, Food52 isn't going anywhere! The banana peel cake recipe (with brown sugar frosting) will be in my upcoming cookbook, but it's very similar to my family's original banana cake recipe, found here:
Caitlin G. August 30, 2018
best of luck and congrats! xx
Lindsay-Jean H. August 30, 2018
Thanks so much Caitlin! xx
Shalini August 29, 2018
You know we are going to miss your super all-encompassing group and story and editing skills so much. You have given us so many thoughtful reads and insights and a lot of enthusiasm. Now, off to your next creative enthusiasm, and how lucky they will be. Xx
Lindsay-Jean H. August 30, 2018
You're such a dear, thank you ever so much Shalini! xx
Katy K. August 29, 2018
When is Grand Rapids? All the best!!!
Katy K. August 30, 2018
I'm a Michigan gal myself!
Lindsay-Jean H. August 30, 2018
Thanks Katy! The GR event will be Nov 15th, and my Instagram/Facebook is probably the best bet for updates as I have them.
ChefJune August 29, 2018
Wow! All the best, Lindsay-Jean, and Congratulations on your book as well as you new adventures. I've enjoyed interacting with you.
xoxo - June
ChefJune August 29, 2018
I'll be moving to Knoxville, TN this Fall. Let me know if you ever come that way.
Lindsay-Jean H. August 30, 2018
Same here June and thank you very much!! Good luck with your move, how exciting! I haven't been to Knoxville (yet), but do get to TN pretty regularly, as we have family in Nashville. xo
Bevi August 29, 2018
Best of luck in your new venture, and for presiding over the baking club.
Lindsay-Jean H. August 30, 2018
Thank you Bevi!
hardlikearmour August 29, 2018
Sad to see you go! Wishing you the best in your new adventures. xoxo - Sara
Lindsay-Jean H. August 30, 2018
It's bittersweet to be sure! Thanks so much Sara! xo
EmilyJane August 29, 2018
You're amazing, sweet friend! What a mark you've made here at Food52 and I'm looking forward to watching your awesomeness continue to flourish in this next venture you're taking... not to mention seeing you more :)
Lindsay-Jean H. August 30, 2018
Thank you Em! I'm looking forward to that too! :)
BerryBaby August 29, 2018
What?! I always appreciated your quick response to any questions I had. It was like you were a good friend and I will always think of you that way. The best of luck in everything you do. I look forward to reading about your new adventures and success which will be amazingly wonderful! 💐💕
Lindsay-Jean H. August 30, 2018
Aw, thanks so much BerryBaby, I appreciate it!!
inpatskitchen August 29, 2018
Best of luck in your new ventures Lindsay-Jean. We'll miss you...
Lindsay-Jean H. August 29, 2018
Thank you so much Pat! (And, same. xx)
Nancy August 29, 2018
LJ - I'll miss you and your work. Good luck with both the book & the kitchen reno (maybe write a guest article when it's finished so we can see how beautifully it turns out). Nancy in Toronto.
Lindsay-Jean H. August 29, 2018
Thanks so much Nancy! I'll love to do that!
Eric K. August 29, 2018
The banana-peel PB cake from your book is one of the most effortlessly *delicious* things I’ve ever eaten. I can’t stop thinking about it!