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Winner of Your Best Raspberries

July 21, 2011

Congratulations to SLD, whose Raspberry Custard Cups won this week's contest for Your Best Raspberriesearning her big prizes from VikingOXO and Tiny Prints, and a spot in the next food52 cookbook!

SLDRaspberry Custard Cups

Q&A with SLD

  • Describe an early food experience that has influenced the way you think about food and/or cooking.
  • I cherish memories of my Dad bent over the stove making Chicken-Fried Steak as only he could make it.
  • What's your least favorite food?
  • Liver
  • What is the best thing you've made so far this year?
  • I found an old Chicken Croquette recipe, added a few things and made a dill sauce to go with it. Delicious!
  • Describe your most spectacular kitchen disaster.
  • My in-laws were coming over for dinner (before we were married) and I took the jello mold apart too soon and jello ended up all over the counter and floor. I think that may have been the last time I used a jello mold...
  • What is your idea of comfort food?
  • Home-made chili topped with sour cream and a little fresh onion, served with a hot roll or fresh bread.
  • Apron or no apron?
  • Apron
  • What's your favorite food-related scene in a movie?
  • When Harry met Sally -- the restaurant scene still makes me laugh.
  • If you could make a show-stopping dinner for one person, living or dead, who would it be?
  • My mom
  • You prefer to cook: a. alone, b. with others, c. it depends on your mood
  • C, except when making Christmas cookies, which I enjoy doing with my daughter.
  • When it comes to tidying up, you usually: a. clean as you cook, b. do all the dishes once you've finished cooking, c. leave the kitchen a shambles for your spouse/roommate/kids to clean.
  • I try to do "a" but end up doing "b".


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Written by: SLD

I am married to a great guy and together we have an amazing daughter. I have always loved to cook and was encouraged by my mother to get creative in the kitchen, and to always have fun. I have enjoyed passing on my love of cooking and baking to my own daughter, who is now a young adult and becoming quite creative in her own kitchen.


Bevi July 22, 2011
Congrats SLD! It's a wonderful recipe.
creamtea July 22, 2011
Congratulations, SLD. We love our chili here too.
EmilyC July 21, 2011
Congrats again SLD -- so glad you shared your recipe with all of us!
lakelurelady July 21, 2011
Congratulations SLD. I am new to Food52 but have already found that this is a very supportive and smart bunch of cooks. I like forward to sharing and learning from you.
drbabs July 21, 2011
Congratulations, SLD!
BlueKaleRoad July 21, 2011
Congratulations, SLD! Nice to learn more about you. I've had a similar jello mishap...
Sagegreen July 21, 2011
Congratulations, SLD. Great to get to know you a bit more. My son is going to be making your custard recipe on his own, he enjoyed it so much!
Kitchen B. July 21, 2011
Congratulations SLD, hope there is some recovery for your Jello angst....And I'm off to look up a recipe for Chicken Fried Steak!!!!

hardlikearmour July 21, 2011
Congrats on the win! Nice to "meet" you.
Midge July 21, 2011
Congrats again SLD! Look forward to more of your recipes.
Lizthechef July 21, 2011
Congratulations on a lovely recipe!
Panfusine July 21, 2011
congratulations SLD.. & yes absolutely agree with you on the favorite movie scene from 'when Harry met Sally'!