How to Grind Peppers

July 29, 2011

Watch A&M as they grind these little guys down to size -- one if by hand, two if by grinder. But, it's up to you how to use your newly-tamed chili flakes!

This week's videos were once again shot and edited our videographer Elena Parker (who now produces our bi-weekly Dinner & a Movie column as well!).

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  • Panfusine
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thekoshertomato August 3, 2011
Nice video. Good tip after using the coffee grinder is to then grind dry rice directly afterwards for a few seconds...It absorbs the stains and/or fragrance from chilis, or other spices you may choose to grind in there :)
Panfusine August 3, 2011
or a handful of Panko bread crumbs.. (You can even use it up for any other dish!)
Panfusine July 29, 2011
Loved the video & that little Krups coffee blender (Can't think of a time when I haven't seen that in my kitchen..The design hasn't changed since the 70's!) BTW, I'd love to find out where to get one of those cute pestles that Amanda was using to pound the chilli. Thanks!