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21 Prefab Tiny Houses You Can Buy Right Now

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February  7, 2020
Photo by Tru Form Tiny

There’s no denying the fascination we have with tiny houses. The existence of at least four tiny house television shows (including a House Hunters series dedicated to the topic), countless listings on AirBnb, and a flourishing Pinterest community all point toward a trend turned legitimate movement. Perhaps it’s a resurgence in manifest destiny, or maybe it’s an aspiration toward a simpler, more Scandi-style of living, but it’s got us hooked.

An exercise in extreme Konmari, tiny homes force their owners to pare down strictly to essentials, which in turn, can lead to a more sustainable lifestyle. Tons of eco-minded people are forgoing their suburban split-levels for modern motorhomes, and now you can join the tiny house movement, too—in a few swift clicks.

1. The Wedge from Wheelhaus

This little home is the perfect wilderness escape. Based out of Wyoming, Wheelhaus sells modular homes, tiny homes, and even RVs, all of which arrive in turn-key condition within three to four months. They offer a variety of floor plans, but we’re particularly keen on the Wedge, which is around 400-square-feet, and includes the most magical high ceilings, sliding glass door, and even a deck.

2. The Draper from Land Ark RVs

You can take your tiny house on big adventures when its the Draper model from Land Ark RVs. This Colorado-based company sells two styles of RV tiny homes that can be delivered in three to four months. This particular model, the new Draper, is 300-square-feet, finished in white-washed pine, and equipped with a fabulous fold-down deck. Plus, the exterior is incredibly chic and modern, so you’re sure to catch a few double-takes as you cruise around.

3. k5 and k6 from KitHAUS

Pick and choose your must-have features when you order a tiny house from KitHAUS. They offer an array of module houses, as well as commercial spaces, including the lovely choose-your-own-adventure k5 and k6 series. These bitty homes range from 240- to 330-square-feet, and you can add on a variety of features, such as bathrooms, kitchenettes, and decks.

4. Capri Tiny Home from Green Magic Homes

Here’s your chance to live like a hobbit! We’re smitten with the adorable, eco-friendly tiny houses from Green Magic Homes, which specializes in homes built into hills to reduce your carbon footprint. The Capri Tiny Home is a one-bedroom that’s around 420-square-feet, and the stylish interior is sure to impress.

5. The Countryside from 84 Lumber

This aptly-named tiny house from 84 Lumber would look simply fabulous parked in the countryside. The multi-toned exterior is delightful, and the 203-square-foot interior feels surprisingly spacious, thanks to those stunning cathedral ceilings. What’s especially cool about this company is you can just buy the plans and embark on an epic DIY project, or you can choose a semi-DIY or a move-in ready house.

6. The Hatteras from Modern Tiny Living

This is an Insta-worthy tiny house if we’ve ever seen one. Ohio-based company Modern Tiny Living has several modern designs, including the 240-square-foot Hatteras, a tiny home on wheels. The interior boasts butcher block countertops, a farmhouse sink, and barn door accents—basically a space you’ll never want to leave.

7. Accessible Tiny Homes from Wheel Pad

Wheel Pad’s 200-square-foot modular living spaces are something special, as they’re designed specifically for people with mobility issues. They can stand on their own or be attached to an existing structure, all while providing the eco-friendly lifestyle you'd expect from a tiny home.

8. The Escher from New Frontier Tiny Homes

The garage-style door on the side of this tiny home is everything. New Frontier is based out of Nashville, and they can deliver their stunning creations to your door in less than three months. Check out how fabulous the Escher model is—the devil is definitely in the details, like the copper backsplash and decorative wood motifs.

9. The Mono from Drop Structures

While it’s the smallest house on this list, the Mono delivers big in terms of views. Drop Structures is based out of Alberta, Canada, and their iconic 106-square-foot tiny house has floor-to-ceiling windows that let you feel at one with nature. Don’t stress if you’ve fallen in love from the U.S.—they’ll deliver it anywhere in North America.

10. The Emerald from Tiny Heirloom

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This tiny house certainly is a gem. Tiny Heirloom delivers impeccably designed RV-style homes in around 120 days, and they give you a whole lot of creative freedom to personalize your design. We’d totally make ourselves at home in the Emerald, which has a lovely little kitchen space. Priorities, right?

11. Elegant Rustic Cabins

Photo by Elegant Rustic Cabins

Elegant Rustic Cabins makes just what their name suggests—little log cabins you want to hole up in for the winter and post on your Instagram feed. Plus, they're timber framed to stand up to harsh winter winds for years to come.

12. The Arion From Tiny Ida Homes

The best part about this tiny home is its 10-foot roof deck, accessible from the inside, perfect for rooftop entertaining or a well-placed solar panel. It also sleeps up to six people (road trip anyone?), has a full washer/dryer, and a bathtub.

13. Canada Goose Edition from Mint Tiny Homes

Photo by Mint Tiny House Company

This might just be the biggest towable tiny house. Starting at 38 ft. long, it has more storage and square feet than most NYC apartments. Two full-sized bedrooms, a huge shower, reclaimed barn doors, and two whole closets—yep.

14. Tru Form Tiny

Of all the tiny homes found during research for this piece, Tru Form Tiny definitely makes the trendiest ones. From the backsplash to the lighting fixtures, every detail is carefully selected and coordinated. These tiny homes feel more like a boutique hotel than they do a mobile home—guest house, anyone?

15. Tiny Living From Tiny Home Builders

Photo by Tiny Home Builders

This is the most popular design from Tiny Home Builders, with classic vaulted ceilings and a lofted bed area. It’s on the smaller end (i.e. a true tiny home), so it’s easily towed if you’re looking for a home on-the-go. Plus, they deliver!

16. California Tiny Houses

As of now, California Tiny Houses only makes fully custom homes, but they’re about to launch a range of base models you can snap right up on the quick.

17. Mt. Bachelor From Tiny Mountain Houses

The bachelor (or bachelorette) pad of tiny homes has arrived, and it has a dedicated wine rack and bookshelf, of course. The lack of composting toilet, in favor of a flushing residential one, is another killer selling point. Plus, lounge space abounds for the dedicated entertainer, and there’s even enough room for a sectional.

18. Denali XL From Timbercraft Tiny Homes

Perhaps the best feature of any tiny home is the ceiling—beautifully stained wood, smart pendant and recessed lighting, and well-placed skylights. This giant tiny (ha!) is no exception, only made more desirable by the huge kitchen.

19. The Orme From Minimaliste Tiny Houses

Tiny homes aren't just for farmhouse aesthetic anymore, they're for lovers of sleek and modern design as well. The Orme feels at once contemporary and warm, thanks to the abundance of maple plywood and black finishes.

20. The Zion From Mustard Seed Tiny Homes

When you put a ton of time into tiny home research, you realize that a non-lofted bedroom is a an unusual but sought after commodity. Not only does this house have a downstairs master bedroom, it also has glass French doors, an office space, and a lovely little porch.

21. The Rumspringa From Liberation Tiny Homes

Possibly the best part about this house (aside from smart features and total customization) is the interior design, that bridges the gap between new construction and vintage accents. It's... dare we say... transitional?

Which tiny house speaks to you? Let us know below!

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Shannille R. October 24, 2020
Is this click bait? The article said affordable homes you could get right now. 75,000-100,000+ I don’t consider as something I would drop on a tiny house when I could purchase a TYPICAL house for that.
HurricaneLaura September 9, 2020
Hi- our home was severely damaged in Hurricane Laura in Louisiana and we are hoping to put one of these in our backyard while we renovate. Time is of essence, so does anyone know which company may have the shortest delivery time?
Neda May 14, 2020
I like #15 & #16. I am 70 and don't get around well so I want something very small. Can I get it to go to Indiana? 317-495-1822
Neda May 14, 2020
I like # 16. I am 70 and don't get around well so I want something very small. Can I get it to go to Indiana? 317-495-1822
Jennifer M. August 2, 2020
You will need to click on the ones you like to get to that builder's website and contact them directly. :)
Catherine February 10, 2020
Why don't we normalize buying and building quality 800-1200 sq ft homes again? It worked in the 20s and 30s and can work again. These tiny homes are glorified studio apartments that no one will really want to live in long term and come along with the difficulties of finding where to park them. I live in an 800 sq ft condo and find the space perfectly adequate. I just wish it were a house with a yard to itself :)
Randy N. February 7, 2020
Minimalism, pfffst. Sorry, just not for everyone, especially me. Overrated, overpriced, inadequate living space. If you've never experienced cabin fever before you most likely will sometime after moving into one of these. Can't get behind things that are made too small. Shoes, shirt sleeve lengths, ties, jacket lengths, car seats, counter top height, chair seat height, basement ceilings too low.
Michael W. January 10, 2019
Minimalism is an art form. Mini houses are ugly want to be motorhomes with wood siding. If you want to live in a tiny home just buy a small trailer that somebody may actually buy from you after your done surviving this punishing fad.
wonderboy January 9, 2019
Nothing minimal about prices. Not doing anything for poor or homeless. These are getaway toys for wealthy folks who already own a full size house.