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These 10 Tiny Homes Are Minimalist Goals

Yours in just a few swift clicks.

January  9, 2019
Photo by Drop Structures

Tiny homes,
How we love thee.
You’re cute, cozy,
And eco-friendly.
We love them so,
And set out to find
The best, most lovely
Pre-made designs.

Poems aside, you won’t believe how easy it is to buy your very own tiny house. A quick couple of clicks to personalize your desired features is about all you need to gain ownership to one of these cuties. The following are several of our favorite prefab tiny houses that you can get delivered right to your door.

1. The Wedge from Wheelhaus

This little home is the perfect wilderness escape. Based out of Wyoming, Wheelhaus sells modular homes, tiny homes, and even RVs, all of which arrive in turn-key condition within three to four months. They offer a variety of floor plans, but we’re particularly keen on the Wedge, which is around 400-square-feet, and includes the most magical high ceilings, sliding glass door, and even a deck.

2. The Draper from Land Ark RVs

You can take your tiny house on big adventures when its the Draper model from Land Ark RVs. This Colorado-based company sells two styles of RV tiny homes that can be delivered in three to four months. This particular model, the new Draper, is 300-square-feet, finished in white-washed pine, and equipped with a fabulous fold-down deck. Plus, the exterior is incredibly chic and modern, so you’re sure to catch a few double-takes as you cruise around.

3. k5 and k6 from KitHAUS

Pick and choose your must-have features when you order a tiny house from KitHAUS. They offer an array of module houses, as well as commercial spaces, including the lovely choose-your-own-adventure k5 and k6 series. These bitty homes range from 240- to 330-square-feet, and you can add on a variety of features, such as bathrooms, kitchenettes, and decks.

4. Capri Tiny Home from Green Magic Homes

Here’s your chance to live like a hobbit! We’re smitten with the adorable, eco-friendly tiny houses from Green Magic Homes, which specializes in homes built into hills to reduce your carbon footprint. The Capri Tiny Home is a one-bedroom that’s around 420-square-feet, and the stylish interior is sure to impress.

5. The Countryside from 84 Lumber

This aptly-named tiny house from 84 Lumber would look simply fabulous parked in the countryside. The multi-toned exterior is delightful, and the 203-square-foot interior feels surprisingly spacious, thanks to those stunning cathedral ceilings. What’s especially cool about this company is you can just buy the plans and embark on an epic DIY project, or you can choose a semi-DIY or a move-in ready house.

6. The Hatteras from Modern Tiny Living

This is an Insta-worthy tiny house if we’ve ever seen one. Ohio-based company Modern Tiny Living has several modern designs, including the 240-square-foot Hatteras, a tiny home on wheels. The interior boasts butcher block countertops, a farmhouse sink, and barn door accents—basically a space you’ll never want to leave.

7. Accessible Tiny Homes from Wheel Pad

Wheel Pad’s 200-square-foot modular living spaces are something special, as they’re designed specifically for people with mobility issues. They can stand on their own or be attached to an existing structure, all while providing the eco-friendly lifestyle you'd expect from a tiny home.

8. The Escher from New Frontier Tiny Homes

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Imagine the views #EscherTinyHouse

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The garage-style door on the side of this tiny home is everything. New Frontier is based out of Nashville, and they can deliver their stunning creations to your door in less than three months. Check out how fabulous the Escher model is—the devil is definitely in the details, like the copper backsplash and decorative wood motifs.

9. The Mono from Drop Structures

While it’s the smallest house on this list, the Mono delivers big in terms of views. Drop Structures is based out of Alberta, Canada, and their iconic 106-square-foot tiny house has floor-to-ceiling windows that let you feel at one with nature. Don’t stress if you’ve fallen in love from the U.S.—they’ll deliver it anywhere in North America.

10. The Emerald from Tiny Heirloom

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This tiny house certainly is a gem. Tiny Heirloom delivers impeccably designed RV-style homes in around 120 days, and they give you a whole lot of creative freedom to personalize your design. We’d totally make ourselves at home in the Emerald, which has a lovely little kitchen space. Priorities, right?

Which tiny home speaks to you? Let us know below!

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  • Michael W Christensen
    Michael W Christensen
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Michael W. January 10, 2019
Minimalism is an art form. Mini houses are ugly want to be motorhomes with wood siding. If you want to live in a tiny home just buy a small trailer that somebody may actually buy from you after your done surviving this punishing fad.
wonderboy January 9, 2019
Nothing minimal about prices. Not doing anything for poor or homeless. These are getaway toys for wealthy folks who already own a full size house.