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9 Picture-Perfect Celebrity Pantries We Can't Tear Our Eyes Away from

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January 31, 2019

Welcome to Pantry Goals, your destination for all the practical tips and need-to-know tricks to get your space in tip-top shape (and keep it that way).

Recently, we talked about cute little pantries and all of their clever small-space solutions, so it’s only fair to do a roundup of larger-than-life pantries, too. Our favorite celebrities can often be relied on for inspiration, and the following kitchens have us seeing green.

Be warned: A lot of the pantries you’re about to see are roughly the size of a normal person’s kitchens. However, they still have some really great organization ideas that we’re 100 percent going to steal to suit our own home's needs.

Mandy Moore

Right off the bat, you’re going to notice a lot of these celebrity pantries were created with professional help from The Home Edit. Apparently it’s the go-to organizing service for the stars, and we can see why. Mandy Moore’s made-over pantry looks simply stunning, from the rotating spices to the huge pile of paper towels—someone has been stocking up! We love the idea of using Lazy Susans to keep small jars accessible.

Khloé Kardashian

Khloé Kardashian is a full-blown organization expert. She even has a series of organizing videos that she calls “KHLO-C-D!” In her popular pantry tour, she shows off her crazy clean food storage space, which features plastic containers and baskets galore. Everything in her pantry is labeled, and we love her tip to sort snacks by who eats them, creating a “Mom Basket” and a “Dad Basket.”

Tiffani Thiessen

Check out actress Tiffani Thiessen’s crisp, clean pantry. We’re digging the cute dual-level sliding baskets where she keeps canned goods—it’s a great way to make the most of taller cabinets. Plus, it seems like this pantry is organized with the most-used items down below and lesser-used ones up high. Smart.

Busy Philipps

We spy more Lazy Susans in actress Busy Philipps’ pantry. She doesn’t just use them for spices either—they’re holding all sorts of condiments and cooking essentials. Philipps also has an amazing collection of cookbooks that are lined up along a high shelf (color-coded to resemble a rainbow, impressive!).

Bobby Flay

Here’s something you don’t see every day: An outdoor kitchen. Celebrity chef and TV star Bobby Flay has a full-blown kitchen in his backyard, and it’s stocked with his cooking essentials. We’re big fans of the tower of rustic baskets where he keeps his onions and citrus fruits. The mini fridge is a nice touch, too.

Molly Sims

The ladies behind The Home Edit strike again. They worked their magic on model Molly Sims’ pantry, and the results are mesmerizing. All the matching see-through containers are labeled in a lovely font, and they’re even arranged by alternating sizes. The stacking caddies on the lower shelf are a great way to store items like tea bags, candy bars, and small snack bags, too.

Vanessa Lachey

These full-length cabinets are so, so great. Vanessa Lachey explains she and her family spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so it’s important to her that they have an organized space. It looks like she stashed kid-friendly snacks on the lower shelves so little ones can help themselves, while cooking and baking supplies live a little higher up.

Mindy Kaling

We are so drawn to Mindy Kaling’s relatable, but still #goals pantry. Slide-out drawers will be your best friend in thin, deep cabinets like hers, as they’ll let you reach items in the back without knocking everything over. We like the idea of labeling each drawer to help keep things organized by function, too.

Heather Dubrow

Real Housewife Heather Dubrow has an incredibly lavish kitchen, complete with a wall of Champagne bottles. However, her pantry is a little more lived-in, and there’s one ingenious feature that we’re absolutely obsessed with: the modern dumbwaiter that brings groceries straight from the garage into the pantry. Where do we get one of those?

Which celebrity pantry do you love most? Let us know below!

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Rogue M. November 10, 2019
I am almost sure that these "celebs" have someone else to do their organization (and shopping, lugging it in, putting it away and probably cooking too) How about a few examples of regular gals (or guys) making it happen in the real world. Now that would be inspiration.
Dana D. February 1, 2019
Lovely organization. I wish I had that kind of space in my pantry! - - - but it looks like no one actually cooks. Stocked for snacking?
Hana A. February 1, 2019
Hi Dana,

I also wish I had that type of pantry space, especially for the snacks. Thanks so much for reading.
Marie F. February 1, 2019
I think this is meant to give inspiration to those who may need to get rid of the clutter and organize their pantry. Why be so snarky?
Hana A. February 1, 2019
Thank you for reading, Marie! I know I can certainly benefit from these tips.
Heidrun January 31, 2019
Is this seriously a collection of sponsored posts passed off as an article? This is embarrassing and shameful.
Hana A. February 1, 2019
Hi Heidrun,

Thank you for reading. This is not a sponsored post, though The Home Edit certainly specializes in pantry organization (for celebrities and other folks, too). Their projects serve as inspiration for those looking for ideas, and we thought we would share them with our readers.
Chris W. January 31, 2019
even with the warning, still seems like sponsored content from thehomeedit. And while 30+ rolls of paper towels stacked ever so sweetly might look cool, it's neither practical nor realistic. What happens after you grab the first roll and the others go tumbling all over the floor? Seems like a lot of waste. Those hard-to-reach spices need a lot more front and center attention for the daily use they are going to get compared to the blender, too. Pretty pictures, not practical pantries.
Hana A. February 1, 2019
Hi Chris,

Thanks for reading! While we're big fans of The Home Edit, I can assure you this is not a sponsored post. They do impressive work, and this post is here to serve as visual inspiration for anyone looking for some. Appreciate you stopping by.