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12 Reading Nooks So Cozy, We Wish We Were Kids Again

Meet your new favorite spot in the house.

February  7, 2019
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Welcome to A Nook of One's Own, our ode to small and cozy spaces. Join us as we curate and celebrate all the comfy, familiar corners that bring us joy every day.

At any given point in my childhood, you could find me hiding out somewhere with a book. Sometimes it was in my bedroom, but more often it was the big cozy chair in our front window or, during the summer, high up our secret treehouse. To this day, there’s a box of children and teen books in my parent’s attic that I refuse to let them throw away!

If you want to encourage your kids to obsess over books the way I did, there’s no better way to make reading more appealing than by creating a super cozy nook where they can curl up with a good read.

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There’s no shortage of adorable book nooks on Pinterest, so you’ll be able to find inspiration regardless of your home decor style and budget. To get you started, here are some of our hands-down favorite reading nooks for kids—and a few for adults, too. After all, why should kids have all the fun?

A Cute Canopy Corner

Arguably one of the most popular methods of creating a kids reading corner is with a hanging canopy. All you have to do is mount it and place a few cushy pillows inside to create a cozy, secluded space. We love that this particular nook features a soft sitting area, all the pillows, and a wall-mounted book holder.

A Dreamy Day Bed

Older kids might need a larger space to catch up on their reading, and this simple daybed fits the bill. How cool that it’s flanked by bookcases? Extra style points for the unique, modern ceiling light.

A Converted Closet Hideaway

Most of us don’t have enough closet space to begin with, but if you can spare one of your home’s precious storage areas, it’s easy to transform it into a quaint little reading area for kids. All you need is a tension rod to hang up some privacy curtains, and as an added bonus, you can still use the upper shelving for storage. Win-win.

A Terrific Treehouse-Style Reading Area

If you’re game for a DIY project, this elevated reading room is amazing. In this particular playroom, it’s attached to another structure via rope bridge, but you could also include a little ladder or stairs to give your kids access. We’re willing to bet it would be their new favorite hangout space.

A Cozy Attic Alcove

Wondering what to do with that odd-sized attic space? Here’s an idea: Use a little bit of crown molding to frame off a reading alcove, then put some cozy cushions in there for lounging. It’s the perfect reading space for small children, and a great way to put an awkward-shaped room to good use.

An Under-the-Stairs Cubby

It’s no secret that we love finding innovative uses for the neglected space under the stairs, and this is one of the best options we’ve seen. There’s just enough room under a staircase for a little reading area situated on top of a built-in bookcase. Don’t forget to put a light in there, too.

A Sunny Spot for the Whole Family

Papasan chairs are the perfect spot to read, as you can curl up in a cozy ball for hours. This boho-inspired setup is ideal for the whole family, as both kids and adults can post up in the sunny spot with their current reads.

A Clean & Simple Reading Corner

A lot of these concepts are fairly complicated to implement, but you don’t have to renovate your house to make a comfortable reading area. All you need to recreate this cozy corner is a bean bag chair and a few book ledges. Super functional and budget-friendly, to boot.

An Outdoor Reading Fort

Can someone build us one of these, too? It’s a fairly big DIY project, but the final result is impressive (and welcoming!) This reading fort would be the perfect space for kids to crack open a book or even just hang out with their friends during the warmer months.

A Rustic Reading Retreat

If you’re a sucker for a rustic wood wall, you’ll love this particular reading nook. The cute little bench is tucked into an alcove, and it’s finished with a wood plank wall and warm light fixtures. Plus, there’s even a spot underneath where you can line up your favorite novels for easy access.

A Serene Escape for Bookworms

Told you we’d include a few adult escapes, too. This serene window setup is absolutely stunning, from the plush, inviting chaise to the chic metallic accents. We’d happily spend hours here with a cup of coffee and a good book.

A Crazy Cute Kids' Cottage

How adorable is this cottage-slash-playroom? The attention to detail on this product is simply breaktaking—the window boxes even come with flowers! The Etsy seller has a variety of other styles, all of which are equally sweet.

Which cozy book nook speaks to you? Let us know below!

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Claudia T. February 9, 2019
Super cute! I love the books tucked into odd spots in the house. Some need some brighter lighting though (like the attic space).