We Love #KonMari, but We Might Love #KonMariPets More

This is the KonMari spin-off we've all been waiting for.

February 15, 2019
Photo by Pexels

Know what consistently sparks joy for us? Our pets, of course. They’re adorable, loving, and can always put a smile on our faces, so it’s really no surprise that we’re living for the new spin-off of the #KonMari cleaning trend—#KonMariPets!

While in the process of tidying their own belongings, pet parents have taken to snapping pics of their furry friends doing a little decluttering of their own… except it typically doesn’t work out so well, because who can say no when your pooch wants to keep their doughnut plushie? Even if these Instagrammers ended up with just as many toys as they started with, we appreciate the adorable pictures that have come out of the effort.

If you need a little bit of joy in your day, here are 10 of our favorite Marie Kondo pet pictures that are sure to make you smile.

Brinkley’s Adorable Collection of Plushies

Raise your hand if you think Brinkley should get to keep all his toys (raises both hands). Seriously, we probably couldn’t say no to those puppy eyes, and it should as no surprise that we’re weak when it comes to food-themed doggie toys. We spy an avocado, hamburger, French fries, and even cake. Brinkley, you have great taste, bud.

A Pile of Toys Bigger Than the Dog

One of these things is not like the others…it took us a second to spot the pup in this huge toy pile. He could totally hide among all his plushies, and he poses a good question—what if they all spark joy? We guess you could maybe just get rid of one or two, Archer. We believe in you.

A Dapper Pup’s Diligent Cleaning Effort

This adorable video perfectly captures the “expectation vs. reality” of decluttering. It seems like it will be a walk in the park (hehe), but then you’re all, “Where did all this stuff come from? How am I supposed to choose?” This #KonMari cleaning might not have gone according to plan, but at least Valor looked sophisticated while doing it.

Tidying Up on a Smaller Scale

Dogs aren’t the only pets who need to tidy up. These two little guinea pigs, Brownie and Barley, have quite the collection of pillows—but they’re all so comfy! Ultimately, these two decided napping would spark more joy than cleaning, and we can’t say we blame them.

Another Conflicted Doggo

Tucker’s look in this photo says, “But I love my toys!” (It seems to be a common theme among these #KonMariePets.) Can we also just take a moment to appreciate his corgi blanket? Stylish and adorable—what a good boy.

A Sassy Pup Who Doesn’t Want to Purge

“You want to get rid of my toys? You’ll have to catch me first!” This maltipoo doesn’t seem too keen on getting rid of the plush duckie, and to be fair, it really does seem to spark joy. That little hop as the pup runs away is almost too much to bear.

A Purrrr-fect Downsized Toy Box

Here’s a pet who successfully cleared out her box of toys. The watermelon definitely sparked joy for this kitty, and the balls were necessary, too. The rest of them, though? Thank you, and goodbye. Personally, my own cat would happily get rid of all his store-bought toys and just play with twist ties for the rest of his life. Cats, right?

The Secret to Getting Rid of Toys

There are two types of dogs in the world: ones that cherish each and every toy, and ones that destroy each and every toy. Logan here belongs to the second camp, and he never has to purge his toy box because he chews them to pieces first. That’s one way to keep clutter from accumulating in your home!

No More Costumes for This Girl!

Sneaky girl. This pup figured out how to get rid of the costumes her mom dresses her up in—just say they don’t spark joy. Mocha is definitely using KonMari to her advantage. P.S. Where can we get a burrito-shaped plushie? Asking for a friend.

A Corgi and All His (Very Necessary) Friends

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#TGIF corgi slumber pawty! Who wants to join?!!

A post shared by Super Corgi Jojo (@supercorgi_jojo) on

Toys? These aren’t toys—they’re all of Jojo’s corgi friends. This is arguably the cutest collection of plushies we’ve ever seen. Even the sheets are corgi-themed! What do you think? Does this corgi slumber party spark joy?

Do you have a furry friend who needs a dose of KonMari? Let us know below!
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BerryBaby February 16, 2019
I'm sure there are pets that have a lot of toys and chews. I'm guilty of buying more than my two need as well. I rotate their toys/chews. Only a half dozen out at a time. Dogs need things that stimulate their minds. Rotating toys keeps them interested and they never get bored. And I have noticed what they enjoy and what they don't. Stuffed toys are a waste...they enjoy puzzles (like Kongs) and hard chew bones (NEVER rawhide). That is key, only buy what they (en)joy!
HalfPint February 15, 2019
Best pet article ever! My cats don't have much clutter. Early on, My husband and I figured out that if we buy anything, the cats will NOT use/play/trash it. But if the item was free or virtually free (like <$1), they will play with it until the only thing left is the polyester stuffing or a string on a stick (which use to have fleathers/pompoms). There are exceptions, like the paper scratching post shaped like an infinity loop, which I bought from Groupon which they have scratched and clawed the heck up. That reminds, might be time to get a new one...
HalfPint February 15, 2019
Strange, my post got cut off

Anyhoo, from here I left:

"like <$1), they will play/torture/shred/gnaw until the only thing left is a string or swatch of fabric. There is one exception: 7 years ago, I bought them a cardboard scratching post (shaped like an infinity loop) which they love and I mean LOVE, so yes, it sparks joy. In the pet toy/accessory universe, it was moderately priced at $34 from Groupon (gotta love Groupon). They have used the $34-worth of scratching post. Which reminds me that it might be time to get a new one ;)
HalfPint February 15, 2019
Ok, I give up!
Daisy C. February 15, 2019
This article sparks joy
Eric K. February 15, 2019