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See Dorie Greenspan’s Cozy Office Nook Where She Does Her Best Work

It's actually a nook within a nook.

February 28, 2019
Photo by Andrew Reed Weller

Welcome to A Nook of One's Own, our ode to small and cozy spaces. Join us as we curate and celebrate all the comfy, familiar corners that bring us joy every day. This week, we step inside legendary baker and cookbook author Dorie Greenspan's office nook.

My nook in my New York City apartment might be considered a nook within a nook, since it’s the corner of my office and the entire room is just 6 feet wide and 10 feet long.

In real estate terms, the apartment, on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, is a “Classic Six”: two bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, and what was always called a “maid’s room” (and never used by a maid in any Classic Six I’ve ever seen). That small room is right behind the kitchen and, over the years, neighbors in our building have broken down a couple of the walls to add its precious space to their kitchens. My husband and I have resisted the temptation because, as much as I’d love a larger kitchen, I love having a room to myself.

For the first many years that we lived in the apartment, the room was not mine, but my husband’s. It started out as his woodworking hobby shop—it was where Michael built, among many other things, the butcher-block countertops and mirror-fronted cabinets that are still in our kitchen. Then, when Michael developed an interest in cloisonné enameling, out went the big electric machines and in came the tiny tools of a jeweler.

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But when the rolling mill and kiln started to accumulate the dust of disuse, I claimed the room and it became my office.

Dorie's wall of books. Photo by Andrew Reed Weller

Michael built a bookshelf along one wall and a desk for me toward the far end, where the room’s south-facing window looks out over rooftops and a church steeple. He’d had a pushpin wall and I left that, discarding his drawings of Byzantine bracelets and replacing them with what has become a multi-layered trove of mementos.

Dorie's wall o' memories. Photo by Hana Asbrink

Just last year, our son, Josh, an interior designer, rethought the entire apartment and gave my little office a much needed spiffing up. And, with it, he made the space where my desk is even cozier, even nookier. I now work closer to the window, more tucked into the corner and more happily.

An office with a view. Photo by Hana Asbrink

Nothing beats a small space that has light, books, and music (and plenty of plugs). I have two other workspaces (one in Connecticut and the other in Paris), but none is as comfortable as this little one. I recently told my husband that I think I do my best work in that space. I know for sure that I do it most contentedly in my nook.

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Top Comment:
“Headline says "see the nook!" and article contains no photos that actually allow you to see the nook. You see some details, but you can't really understand the space without seeing the space.”
— m

I start the day at my desk with my first cup of coffee and there are many days when I’m still there past sunset. As small as the room is, and as tiny as the area I work in is, I never feel cramped. Instead, I feel like it helps me concentrate. The small, familiar space is like the “focus view” on my computer—it helps direct my vision and my thoughts.

Photo by Hana Asbrink

If my nook could speak, it would ask, “If you love me so much, why do you leave me so often?” It’s a good question. If I could recreate the space, I would, but the combination of history, memories, light that’s beautiful in every season, and the comfort that comes with a very long-term relationship are singular.

Do you have a cozy little nook you love? Tell us about it below!

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With the publication her 14th book, Baking with Dorie, New York Times bestselling author Dorie Greenspan marks her thirtieth anniversary as a cookbook author. She has won five James Beard Awards for her cookbooks and journalism and was inducted into the Who’s Who of Food and Beverage in America. A columnist for the New York Times Magazine and the author of the xoxoDorie newsletter on Bulletin, Dorie was recently awarded an Order of Agricultural Merit from the French government for her outstanding writing on the foods of that country. She lives in New York City, Westbrook, Connecticut, and Paris. You can find Dorie on Instagram, Facebook, Bulletin and her website,


lana F. August 3, 2019
Do you live near 98th & WEA? I wonder if I look at your building &/or kitchen window every day.
Renée R. July 12, 2019
As much as I love all things Dorie, I'm very disappointed that we never get to see the actual nook of which she speaks. The title is completely misleading. Not cool.
Lucy March 11, 2019
Must say I’m a bit disappointed. The pictures do not give a good perspective. I realize that this view inside is perhaps an invasion of privacy but it’s really lacking what the title led me, at least, to want to continue reading.
Becky W. March 10, 2019
How wonderful to have a cozy inspiring space to call your own!
m March 5, 2019
Headline says "see the nook!" and article contains no photos that actually allow you to see the nook. You see some details, but you can't really understand the space without seeing the space.
Millette K. March 4, 2019
So great to view & read the inspirational area of Dorie's home - she has INSPIRED ME more than anybody in the world!!! Thank you @Food52 for the yummy video as well.