Best Sheets for Every Type of Sleeper Whether You Sleep Hot or Cold

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The Very Best Sheets for Every Type of Sleeper

Hot! Cold! Restless! We've got you.

April 17, 2019

As far as I’m concerned, a bed is one of the most—if not, the most—important feature of any home. The average person spends a third of life sleeping (which doesn’t include all the time spent binge-watching whatever’s on Netflix, probably also in bed)—so it’s important to outfit your snooze-zone with a good night’s sleep in mind.

When it comes to creating a dreamy, oh-so-cozy nest, most people probably think about finding a mattress that’s equal parts soft and supportive, a heavy-duty comforter, and even a few throw pillows to spice up your space. But to me, a set of quality bed sheets is arguably just as critical.

Whether you’re a big toss-and-turner, a sweaty sleeper, or a nighttime shiverer, good news: There’s a perfect set out there for you. I’ve broken down the best bedding for every type of sleeper below. Sweet dreams!

The Best Sheets for Hot Sleepers

Have you ever woken up feeling—and looking—like you just took a shower? No, you (probably) didn’t sleepwalk to a pool and go for a swim: You’re likely a sweaty sleeper. It’s okay, Hawkins New York Stonewashed Linen Bedding has you covered.

Linen sheets, which are one of the more breathable options in the world of sheets, are known for regulating temperature, wicking away moisture, and drying quickly. Translation? These sheets will help keep you cool and even if you do sweat, they'll help you dry quickly.

This stonewashed style has a perfect, lived-in look, and they come in over over a dozen different colors, so you’re bound to find a shade that works for your room.

The Best Sheets for Cold Sleepers

Maybe you have the exact opposite problem. Instead of spontaneously sweating in the middle of your slumber, you’re shivering through sleep. It doesn’t matter whether or not you turn on the heater or go double-sweatshirt: You are always cold.

Flannel is the fabric of choice for chilly snoozers. Take this Pinzon Signature 190-Gram Cotton Heavyweight Velvet Flannel Sheet Set—they're heavier than most and feature a rich, velvety texture that feels like your favorite sweater.

If you’re thinking, “Sure, these sheets sound warm and cozy, but won’t they cause me to sweat instead?” Not quite. Many reviewers say Pinzon’s flannel sheets are super breathable, so they’ll be insulating, not suffocating.

The Best Sheets for Hot and Cold Sleepers

What’s a pair of sleepers to do when one runs cold and the other warm?

Consider these sateen sheets a happy medium. The tighter weave will warm up anyone who runs cold; however, sweaty sleepers can be sure that sateen isn’t as heavy (or insulating) as flannel. Available in a several versatile colors, they strike a happy medium between soft and crisp. Best of all, they rarely wrinkle, lending one's bed a pristine, hotel-like look.

The Best Sheets for Restless Sleepers

Struggling to doze off into a soothing slumber?

Cotton is the gold standard of bed sheets, so why not stick with the classics? Try Brooklinen’s Brooklinen Percale Classic Hardcore set—with over 37,000 reviews, they’ve quickly become a cult favorite. One fan notes that they're so comfortable, she falls asleep (remote in hand!) before she even turns on the television.

Or perhaps you have no trouble dozing off, but spend the entire night tossing and turning—only to wake up to partially torn sheets. Hey, it happens! If you spend your nights rolling and shuffling around, it’s in your best interests to invest in some extra-strength sheets. That’s where Mellanni’s Microfiber Bedding comes in. (Psst: These sheets are also hypoallergenic, making them a suitable option for anyone suffering from seasonal allergies.)

The Best Sheets for Sleepers With Sensitive Skin

If you wake up with skin that feels less-than-fabulous and you're looking to splurge, you might consider changing your ho-hum sheets for some luxurious silk ones. Though admittedly, silk sheets aren't the cheapest option out there, Amazon's highly rated Orose Charmeuse Mulberry Silk Bed Sheets (which will set you back a couple hundred dollars) are 100% natural silk. And while there are a lot of brands that offer silk pillowcases, finding an entire set is not as easy as it seems.

Did I mention silk has cooling properties, making it a viable option for sweaty sleepers, too? It’s a win-win.

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