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How the Food Community Is Mobilizing to Fight Abortion Bans

A list of events, products, and resources.

May 17, 2019

On Wednesday, May 15, Alabama's governor Kay Ivey signed a measure to outlaw all abortions at any stage of pregnancy, with the exception of instances in which there's a significant risk to the life of the mother. It also institutes criminal penalties against doctors who participate in abortions.

The measure, which is the most restrictive abortion bill in the country and is designed to challenge Roe v. Wade, is the latest in a long series of legislative attempts toward curbing abortion rights in America, across many states.

If, like some members of our team, you're interested in finding ways to help, here's a list of food community members and businesses who've organized events or initiatives to raise funds for organizations fighting these bans (we'll continue to update this as we learn more):

Attend Events

  • On Sunday, May 19, Café Altro Paradiso in SoHo, NYC (234 Spring Street) is holding a bake sale from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Proceeds go to Planned Parenthood.

  • On Monday, May 20, The Assembly in San Francisco, CA (449 14th Street) is hosting a happy hour at 5 p.m. Proceeds go to NARAL Pro-Choice America. (Sign up here.)

  • On Tuesday, May 21, Short Stories in NoHo, NYC (355 Bowery) is holding a ticketed dinner party at 8:30 p.m. (tickets here). Proceeds go to the Yellowhammer Fund.

  • On Tuesday, May 21, Tailfeather in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn (581 Myrtle Avenue) is hosting a Pro Choice America fundraiser from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Proceeds go to NARAL.

  • On Wednesday, May 22, Butter & Scotch in Crown Heights, Brooklyn (818 Franklin Avenue) is hosting "Drunk Dial Congress: My Body My Choice!" at 5 p.m. Proceeds go to the Yellowhammer Fund.

  • On Sunday, May 26, Archestratus Books & Food in Greenpoint, Brooklyn (160 Huron Street) is hosting a bake sale from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Proceeds go to the Yellowhammer Fund.

  • On Wednesday, June 12, addo:incubator in Seattle, WA (6420 24th Avenue NW) is holding a fundraiser dinner at 7 p.m. Proceeds go to Planned Parenthood. (Buy tickets here.)

Visit Restaurants or Purchase Products

  • Diaspora Co. is donating $5 per jar of turmeric sold between now and Monday, May 20 to Yellowhammer Fund and to The POWER House. (Buy here.)

  • Wine bar Rebel Rebel in Somerville, MA (1 Bow Market Way), is donating 100% of proceeds on sales of rosé to Yellowhammer Fund through Tuesday, May 21.

Donate Directly

  • The Yellowhammer Fund provides funding for those seeking care at Alabama's existing three abortion clinics.
  • The ACLU is suing to block abortion bans.

  • The Cut's guide to fighting abortion bans contains a comprehensive list of grassroots organizations providing aid in these states.

Please share any additional resources, or information about events and products raising money for this cause in the comments.

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Mark May 23, 2019
Shared my disappointment and thought I’d just move on but now every post just leaves me a little resentful and alienated, not inspired. Your lack of a response says you’d prefer not to have the companionship of people with differing political convictions so I’ll honor your wish and leave you to cultivate a community of like thinking people. Sounds pretty vanilla to me for a gourmet community but it’s your site. Unfollowing.
Picholine May 22, 2019
I feel that this site is not the place to discuss such a hotly debated issue. I’ll just say this ,
Government get out of women’s bodies!
Maureen M. May 21, 2019
Food 52 had been a longtime favorite with great inspiring recipes and, the shopping ideas have been inspired. But, in light of this political blog I must say that unless there is an apology for the extreme position you hold I will not be back, nor shop here any longer.
Ronald A. May 20, 2019
I am serious about politics Constitutional government and education. Food 52 and Amy are not where I turn for objective info and certainly not for opinion in such areas. I disrespect the intrusion into this site. Quit!
Amy L. May 20, 2019
Thank you Ella for this informative article! It's important for so many!
thebunalsorises May 20, 2019
People who think that food can ever be separate from politics are deluding themselves. Who can afford it and access it, where it is produced and how and by whom, how it is represented and circulated...these are all fundamentally 'political' questions that are inextricably bound up with notions of power. Food is not simply something that abstractly 'brings us together.' It is a terrain in which class, gender, racial, and ecological conflicts are constantly being articulated. More often than not, Food52 is a site in which these politics are obscured, rather than foregrounded. I would like to see more of these posts (thank you Ella) and also more posts about the systems of consumption and production in which we are always imbricated.
Maeve May 20, 2019
I suppose that we can relegate pretty much everything to politics, but that's rather sucking the joy out of life. Politics is completely antithetical to joy or delight or even appreciated - it's a zero-sum. I am so tired of the omnipresent grim, angry, hair-splitters; I deal with it all day long and appreciate those opportunities to share in discovering new things to enjoy. I suppose the constant preaching has left me with a gigantic case of I just can't be bothered to care any more - it's been leeched right out of me.

Personally, I'd rather Food52 leave the damn politicking alone. We're drowning in it.
Nancy May 20, 2019
Your opening sentence is correct.
All else is open to discussion or interpretation.
And even if food distribution ÌS political, that doesn't mean every commercial privately owned website is obligated to cover ir focus on that aspect.
Last, food52 does address the production and distribution of food.
Smaug May 20, 2019
Fairly sure that "imbricated" isn't what you meant (spellcheck?), though it brings up some intriguing images.
Maeve May 20, 2019
Food/meals/hospitality is supposed to be one of those things which can bring people together from all over the spectrum of humanity. There are precious few places which still aim for this worthy ideal - Food52 was one of them until now.
Smaug May 19, 2019
While I understand the author's desire to express her viewpoint on this no doubt important issue (and feel no particular need to express my own ambivalence on it), and see the value of the information it contains, I think I have to side with those who feel that it is out of place here. The strength of F52 is that they keep a constant stream of content coming, and of course it's not easy to come by, but I don't really feel that this is a good direction to take it.
Julie May 19, 2019
I'm so glad you posted this really helpful list of things to do to help support women's rights. It's disappointing to read so many comments that you should just only serve up endless free content on the subject of their choosing. I love these links, and have shared them as a list of things people can do to support access to abortions and family planning. I am a mother of two - by choice. I wanted two kids, I was fortunate enough to have to have them, and being a mother makes me even more vocal about a woman's right to choose. When women are forced to raise children they did not really want, how well do you think those kids are going to turn out? Parenting is really challenging, and there are zero days off. You need to really, really really want to be a parent to be able to do a good job on those hard days. Treating women as nothing more than life support systems for a fetus that she does not want is disgusting. I hope all you anti-choicers are also vegetarians, against the death penalty, and have adopted a couple of those abused, neglected, and unwanted kids already in the system. Because if you were really pro-life, that's what you would do.
Nancy May 19, 2019
Discuss or attack the positions, the ideas.
Refrain from attacking or slurring the people who don't share yours.
M P. May 19, 2019
Not feeling Food52 anymore. After yesterday’s stunt at political posturing, and lack of apology, I’m done.
Mark May 18, 2019
Well thank you Ella for ruining a lovely platform where all of us from across the political spectrum could come together and enjoy a few apolitical moments focused on the beauty of good food. Now I feel like to Iike a post is to like your politics. When I want to have that discussion (and I do) it’s not when I’m trying to be inspired and learn about best practices in the kitchen. I think you owe us an apology and a retraction.
julie May 18, 2019
Please don’t use your platform for political causes. Stick to food! I don’t visit food52 for political stuff.
If this continues I’m gone.
Autumn May 18, 2019
Our wine bar Tailfeather is hosting a NARAL Pro Choice America fundraiser Tuesday, May 21st 7pm to 10pm. $3 from each glass and
$5 from each bottle of wine will be donated to NARAL- We will also have materials on how to organize to fight the abortion bans.
SarahM May 18, 2019
Thanks so much for posting this.
abbyarnold May 18, 2019
Thank you! I am proud to be part of the Food 52 community.
Nancy W. May 18, 2019
Thank you for sharing this, Food 52!
Amy May 18, 2019
Thank you for this, Ella! For those who are against abortion, here’s a novel idea, don’t have one. You don’t get to dictate what another woman chooses to do with her body.
M P. May 18, 2019
Oh for goodness sake. So tired of that flawed argument. That’s like saying “If you’re against slavery, don’t own a slave.” Food52 please stick to what you do best, FOOD!
jennifer May 18, 2019
Ladies, look beyond yourselves, your rights and your body! This isn’t about you anymore once a baby is involved. Those of us against abortion aren’t trying to dictate to anyone just fighting for the baby’s right.
IV May 18, 2019
Goodness it isn’t just the woman’s body. There’s another life in there! I bet most of you have pets and would fight against animal abuse. I love pets but I value life in all what life encompass. This is sad anyway you look at it. Don’t have sex and and a big percentage if this issue would go away!!! Rape is horrible but killing a baby is horrible too. Someone gave birth to you, didn’t she...regardless :(
julie May 18, 2019
julie May 18, 2019
Amen and amen!!
Stephanie B. May 18, 2019
People will always have sex, it's absolutely a fantasy solution to say "don't have sex". If you want to focus on improving lives of children and parents, you have to accept that people will have sex, regardless of whether you think they should, and then give people the means to make the best decisions about sex: good education and contraception. Not surprisingly, quality sex education (unlike abstinence only sex ed) results in young people putting off having sex. Acting on a fantastical premise is no way to solve real problems.
Gail F. May 19, 2019
Couldn’t agree with you more Amy!!!
Debbyd48 May 18, 2019
Thank you Food52. This issue is critically important and I so appreciate you providing information on how to participate and make a difference in these dark and troubling times. I thank you. So do my 2 daughters and 5 granddaughters.
Erika May 18, 2019
I used to feel abortion was a good thing. After having children and experiencing the loss of a baby, I know that it’s just not true. Get the procedure and remove the fetus. Seems simple but ending a pregnancy is messy and painful and is an emotionally traumatizing experience that many need professional help to overcome. If we really desire goodness and peace in this world, lets reassess what we think about this brutal procedure. If we hate prejudice and racism, then we will not support PP as abortion is the scourge of the black community. If we support women’s health, we don’t ask them to end their pregnancy and possibly their fertility with unnecessary and possibly dangerous procedures. We give them help and support. One more question- why are their clinics allowed to operate when any other clinic would be closed due to health violations?
Stephanie B. May 18, 2019
Erika, I'm so sorry you lost your baby, this is pain I can't imagine. But your experience does not represent the experiences of all women who have abortions, and this doesn't negate your experience either. I'm only talking about a narrow slice of reasons people have abortions, but this situation is traumatic: There are people and their families who wanted to be parents but found something terrible was happening in the pregnancy. It's not my story to tell so I don't want to get into the details but having known a couple facing that decision, I would never want to tell that family what they can and can't do in that situation.

Abortion does not cause infertility unless it is improperly done and there's an infection, which can reduce fertility if not treated. But abortion is safer than giving birth, with a recent study of over 50,000 women reporting complications at 0.002%. This confirmed older research on safety of abortions in a setting where it's legal and protected. Reducing access to abortion is what makes abortion unsafe, because people will try them anyway.
jennifer May 18, 2019
While some feel so passionately for abortion realize some feel passionately against it. It deeply saddens me. Just what I wanted to feel when going to one of my favorite sites. I don’t have an appetite anymore.
Sippyswede May 18, 2019
Exactly! This totally grossed me out!
julie May 18, 2019
Depressing that food52 did this.