My Drunk Kitchen Meets Food52

August 19, 2011

My Drunk Kitchen  Boozy Watermelon Rosemary Lemonade

My Drunk Kitchen's Hannah Hart, the funniest -- and maybe the drunkest -- gal on the internet, stopped by Food52 HQ to try her hand at our Poolside Cocktail contest winner, piccantedolce's Boozy Watermelon Rosemary Lemonade.

Hannah shoots from her laptop camera (like this), cooks, drinks, dances, and tells jokes for an hour, and then edits the whole shebang herself. In short, she's amazing. (And no, she wasn't drunk. At least not when we started shooting. It was 10am.)

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Mayhem ensued, lifestyles were mocked, and all we could do was sit back and giggle uncontrollably. Behold:

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UPDATE: Here's Hannah's new My Drunk Kitchen episode, all about latkes. We love latkes!

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Panfusine December 1, 2011
Goodness, This is HILARIOUS!
jcsmith2 August 24, 2011
A nice pickup by Food52 - I hadn't heard of your site, but came here based on the video from Hannah. I'm glad I did, interesting site with unique recipes...
cmclaire August 23, 2011
I love MDK, and now I've discovered food52 also. Huzzah!

StuartRebDonald August 22, 2011
At the risk of using a cliche 4.5 million viewers can't be wrong. That's Hannah's downloads since she started just 4 months ago. She is not pretending to get drunk, she actually does get drunk. The first video was a joke for a friend across the country. They used to get drunk and cook all the time so Hannah shot a video of herself drunk cooking just for her friend but it went viral.

I think her videos are adorable and funny but different strokes right? I've never found Lucille Ball, The Office or Kathy Griffin remotely humorous. OK, no one has ever found Kathy Griffin funny so I guess that was a bad example.
Kiss M. August 22, 2011
Everyone's tastes are different. If you go to a dinner party and some one serves broccoli rabe..and you don't like you eat it and spit it in your napkin? you simply say no thank you.
I happen to think that Amanda has great taste in food and humor.
earlygirl August 22, 2011
I am with Fern and Chris W on this one. Accidently watched the latke episode first and thought it was just awful then saw the buzz was about the watermelon episode. That one wasn't as bad but geez, this is just someone pretending to be drunk. What's funny about that?
Emily H. August 22, 2011
I don't think Hannah is pretending to be drunk. Why waste all that time just to pretend? Criticize as you will, but she seems pretty committed to the getting wasted aspect.
loonchick August 22, 2011
For me, this was boring and annoying.
Fern August 22, 2011
Sorry but I agree with Chris W, at least about the watermelon drink episode, since I haven't watched any others. I didn't think it was remotely funny and I'm said to have terrific comic timing and a great sense of humor.
Frankly, I thought it was stupid and hated seeing Amanda taking part.

StuartRebDonald August 22, 2011
I love Hannah. She was nice enough to do my 7 Questions series on my web site and her answers were just adorable. You have to love it when good things happen to insanely cute people.
JoyP August 21, 2011
It appears by my spelling I was having a little too much cocktail while watching this.
JoyP August 21, 2011
She is adorablel. LMAO!
chrisw August 21, 2011
I'm no stick-in-the-mud, I can laugh till I cry and have been known to tip a few, but . . . these videos are really stupid! The cocktail seems good when you can figure out what is supposed to go in it, otherwise it seems like this is simply The Hannah Show.

Sorry guys - love most everything you do, this was just too cute to stomach
Kiss M. August 21, 2011
A girl after my own heart. What good is a kitchen if you can't have fun in it!
Hannah take the cake and drink it too!
TheMeaningofPie August 21, 2011
Let's go boating! I Hart Hannah...I'm sure she's never heard that before.
Vitor H. August 21, 2011
Amanda's face is hilarious! It was like: omg, what I'm doing here? hahahahahah
Bevi August 20, 2011
It's no laughing matter that this drink got me through one of the hottest weekends of my life. Aside from that, this is one funny woman.
Kristen M. August 19, 2011
Heads up, all you commenters from yesterday: we just added Hannah's new episode of My Drunk Kitchen to this post -- it's on latkes and, naturally, vodka.
gingerroot August 19, 2011
Somehow missed this yesterday, so glad I watched it today. My day just got infinitely better.
LLStone August 18, 2011
This is funny. BTW, I took this to a lake weekend and it was a hit! When we got there, there was a young couple (son of old friend) and I made them a cocktail. Later in the weekend, he was making them (using my affectations, I believe), and I told him he was really funny as long as he wasn't making fun of me! Good video, and good drink.

cwilliams August 18, 2011
Brilliant! and now I've discovered food52!