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12 Amazing Interiors, Courtesy of 1 Very Unexpected Design Trend

Literally any home can pull it off.

August 21, 2019

Concrete is trending in a big way. According to Pinterest, searches for concrete homes have increased almost 500 percent since last year, and concrete interiors have become a solid fixture on our Instagram feeds. While Cold War bunkers, industrial warehouses, and stark minimalism might the first things that come to mind when you think of concrete, this rock-like material can actually be warm and homey when used correctly.

To prove that concrete has the chops to become the new weathered wood, we rounded up a dozen amazing examples of concrete interiors that we are totally taking inspiration from.

A Monochrome Kitchen

Bright white kitchens have been the trend in recent years, but they might soon be taking back stage to designs like this one! This quaint space has all the necessities—a dishwasher, gas cooktop, range hood, and even a TV—all installed in concrete counters. Plus, the domed ceiling makes the space feel extra homey.

Rustic Concrete Built-Ins

These concrete shelves would be the perfect spot to store all sorts of kitchen goodies, from your favorite cookbooks to small appliances. Plus, the wooden beams next to them give the space a rustic, lived-in feel that we can’t get enough of. And let’s not forget the plants! We love indoor plants.

A Moody, Modern Living Room

Here’s proof that modern homes can be slick and cozy. This room is concrete from floor to ceiling and decked out in sleek modern furniture, but the sheer curtains, fuzzy rug, and pastel couch give it a welcoming vibe. We’d totally curl up there with a book.

An Unfinished Wall in the Kitchen

The concrete wall in this kitchen is clearly unfinished—you can still see the holes from the rods when the material was poured—but it works! The pale blue counters complement the color and finish of the wall, and if you peer closely, it looks like the countertops might be concrete, as well.

A Stunning bathroom with Views to Match

This breathtaking bathroom is part of the Amangiri resort in Utah, and that fabulous concrete would be the perfect smooth, slick place to relax and unwind with a glass of wine in hand. We love how the tiles run vertically up the walls, and of course, who could resist that desert view?

Wood-and-Concrete Pantries

This hallway-esque room looks like it might be part of a pantry or off the kitchen, and its thick concrete countertops would be the perfect place to arrange all your favorite countertop items—or to prep food on. The addition of wooden cabinets and stone floors make the space feel earthy and chill.

An Intimate Living Room

This minimalistic California home belongs to photographer Philip Dixon (you can see more pics of it here!), and its concrete construction works perfectly with the desert oasis vibe.

A Luxurious Soaking Tub

Soaking tubs are never a bad idea, and we love the idea of having a concrete tub to add texture to the room. It provides contrast against the patterned floors and glass shower, but we’d need to sit in it to test how comfortable it is.

A Spa-Like Bathroom

If this is someone’s home bathroom, consider us very jealous. The concrete walls mesh perfectly with the wooden ceiling beams and wooden bath mats, and using loose stones around the edges of the floor is such a unique idea—just make sure you don’t stub your toe.

A Minimalistic Kitchen Island

Here’s another design for all the minimalists out there! This blocky concrete island would be a great addition to any modern kitchen, and it’s sure to stand the test of time. However, if you’re anything like us, you might have to put up some shelves on that bare wall to store all your kitchen accessories.

A Bedroom with Concrete Accents

If you think floor-to-ceiling concrete is too much, you might prefer this style of design, where the material is used as an accent wall. The cozy bedroom has a neutral color palette, and the gray textured concrete provides a great contrast to the glass and polished wood furnishings. Want to try the look on for size before committing? You can actually rent this home.

An Unexpected Patio

Don’t you think this sunken patio space is just the perfect nook? The sink-in chairs and pile of pillows add to what’s already the perfect spot to gather around with friends, or just disappear to for the weekend.

Are there new and interesting ways in which you've used concrete into your decor? Tell us in the comments below!

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A.S. November 16, 2019
I personally have never understood the rejection of concrete in the past. I've always loved it, but I also absolutely love brutalist architecture, which sadly, still to this day receives so much backlash.
susan September 15, 2019
I loved every room. So soothing, so calming in these times. Thank you for doing this piece.
Gammy August 21, 2019
Sorry, not buying any of it. Concrete is so cold, so unattractive, so uncomfortable. A concrete soaking tub??? What were those home owners thinking? Concrete kitchen counters have been around for decades. I'd like to know how porous they are... what would it take to remove a stain from a spilled glass of red wine or a handful of misplaced blackberries? Many of those rooms were so minimalistic to the point of looking unfinished. Guess I am just too traditional....