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Benjamin Moore's Color of 2020 Is Here—& We're So Into It

Plus, nine more shades to honor a new decade of design.

October 17, 2019
Photo by Benjamin Moore

It’s pretty wild to think that in just a little over two months, we’ll be starting a whole new decade—or, depending on how you like to observe time, witnessing an all-new “Roaring 20s.”

Marking the occasion, Benjamin Moore has announced its Color of the Year 2020, “a soft, rosy hue blooming with potential” called First Light. I'll be be honest, to me it looks rather like a certain pale shade of pink that you and I might call “millennial pink.” To be even more honest, as someone’s whose first order of business after closing on my first apartment was to paint both my living room and bedroom pale pink, I’m completely on board.

Channeling “fluidity for the multigenerational, multifunctional and different states of mind now found under one roof,” First Light 2102-70 is, as my graphic designer friend Mary would say, the kind of pink that looks good with plants. Again, I’m totally on board.

And I do happen to feel that the start of a brand new decade is a pretty good reason give your home, or at least your favorite room, a fresh coat of paint. In terms of home renovation, it happens to be one of the most affordable ways to update or tailor your environment, and maybe even make you love your home a little more. In the words of Andrea Magno, Benjamin Moore’s director of color marketing, First Light represents “a shift in mindset from the material to satisfying the core needs in life: community, comfort, security, self-expression, authenticity and ultimately, optimism.”

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“Love. Love. Love. It has to be done just right. I mean- it’s not a sofa, it’s a tea cup. ”
— Nicole

In addition to First Light, there are nine other “harmonious hues” to represent a forward-thinking next decade:

We're totally getting soothing, tranquil vibes. Are you? Photo by Benjamin Moore

●First Light 2102-70
●White Heron OC-57
●Crystalline AF-485
●Windmill Wings 2067-60
●Buxton Blue HC-149
●Golden Straw 2152-50
●Thunder AF-685
●Cushing Green HC-125
●Oxford Gray 2128-40
●Blue Danube 2062-30

Feeling inspired to paint all of a sudden? Let me know which one of these colors you land on—and remember that painter’s tape is best removed when the paint is still wet, otherwise you run the risk of peeling. Happy home renovating!

What new paint colors do you have your eye on? Tell us in the comments below!

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Karen Lo

Written by: Karen Lo

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Katekooks December 27, 2019
Many thanks to Marie H. for sharing the link the all of the colors! First light is my fave.
Marie H. December 27, 2019
Patricia B. December 25, 2019
I have used this general shade of pale pink in my art studio where its subtle color promotes a sense of peace--love it. not sure I'd put it in other rooms.
Nicole December 25, 2019
Love. Love. Love.
It has to be done just right. I mean- it’s not a sofa, it’s a tea cup.

Yes C. December 25, 2019
Katekooks December 25, 2019
It would be great if there were a way to see the other colors. Do we have to go to a Benjamin Moore store?
scoot87501 December 25, 2019
Number one design rule: never follow a trend of any kind.
MichiganDave December 25, 2019
2020's color is Blue. A deep, wide, consistent and peace inspiring BLUE. A blue that does not tweet it's nature. A blue that does not insult your friends. Blue that does not lie.
scoot87501 December 25, 2019
That is Pantone's color of the year. This is about Benjamin Moore. It's all bunk!

Bridgette O. December 25, 2019
Cheryl P. December 25, 2019
Never in my home. Moved into a home painted this color throughout, it looked awful. Once I repainted everything, it looked amazing. Confirmed by neighbors how much better it looked.
Bridgette O. December 25, 2019
scoot87501 December 25, 2019
Cathy L. November 26, 2019
I could not pull up the other colors listed?
jordan1721 December 26, 2019
I could not pull up the colors either:(
Paula C. November 21, 2019
I've always loved this color, and I'm so not a millenial. But it's such a nice color for interiors -- it's warm, it flatters nearly all skin tones, it blends well with tons of other colors. I see it a lot in traditional AND modern British interiors. In a rainy, grey climate, what's a more uplifting color than glowing rose?