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November 15, 2009

Click the photo below to watch Amanda and Merrill's segment on this morning's Today Show.

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creamtea November 15, 2011
Wow, wow, wow! So exciting! Congratulations to Mrs. W and melissav. Amanda and Merrill, you were seasoned (no pun intended) pros.
Tom B. November 15, 2009
Great job, ladies. Wonderful recipes...home cooks!
veronique November 15, 2009
Yes, a great segment. You two are a winning combination!
ginge November 15, 2009
I think both winning recipes should go into the cookbook. You both thought they were excellent so it would be a win, win for everyone.
shayma November 15, 2009
congrats to you both and the two lovely ladies whose recipes you showcased.
dancing K. November 15, 2009
Wonderful! Pretty girls, it was so great seeing you on the Today both are excellent in front of the camera!!
SarahS November 14, 2009
The whole behind the scenes and on-camera vibe matched perfectly. Loved being there & watching you both. Al Roker, in addition to being a great stuffing mixer, truly enjoyed eating once the segment was done - as well as Ann Curry and everyone else. They all ate heartily, at 10am. Brava.
three H. November 14, 2009
I love this idea but I think there should be a runner up section in the cookbook for all the second place winners. They are all top rated and are very exciting.
Merrill S. November 14, 2009
Thank you for the suggestion. We've actually talked about this. It's always difficult for us to deal with the fact that one of the two finalists won't make it into the book. We'll let you know if we come up with an idea on this front!
dymnyno November 14, 2009
I think that having both the winner and the runner up is a good idea. You two have the talent to ferret out the two best recipes and the rest probably has become a popularity contest. (check out how many people are voting lately).
Amanda H. November 14, 2009
Thanks everyone for your comments! We had so much fun. The Today Show kitchen is like a playground -- they have every pot, pan, baking dish, platter you can imagine, in every size and color. And their stylists, Bianca and Lish, thought through everything -- when exactly we might need a kitchen towel, when we'd be reaching for a serving spoon. We loved seeing how it all works behind the scenes.
Merrill S. November 14, 2009
And Al Roker was a great stuffing mixer! Everyone couldn't have been nicer to work with.
Oui, C. November 14, 2009
While I was disappointed to see that Amanda did NOT wear her hat, I must say that the two of you did a terrific job, and I am so proud of Mrs. Wheelbarrow and Mellisav for crafting such great recipes!
Rhonda35 November 13, 2009
So fantastic I can't even talk about it!!! xoxo
maryvelasquez November 13, 2009
I feel so proud! You two held your own in front of the camera. I think you should get your own show.
Giulia M. November 13, 2009
Congratulations to Amanda, Merrill and Mrs. Wheelbarrow. Great segment!!!
MrsWheelbarrow November 13, 2009
It was so much fun to see you both on TV this morning. While I was absolutely gobsmacked to see my stuffing stirred by Al Roker, my husband was even more thrilled. He's been calling all his friends to say he was "mentioned on the Today Show."
Kelsey B. November 13, 2009
Congrats - everyone looked great and the food looked fantastic. Congrats also to Mrs. Wheelbarrow and Melissav for creating two fantastic recipes!
wanderash November 13, 2009
Great segment ladies! You and the stuffings looked fabulous.
Veronica November 13, 2009
Oh, I'm so glad you were able to post this! Everything about the segment was super and now we can re-watch! Congratulations as well to Mrs. Wheelbarrow and Melissav-- can't wait to make 2 stuffings this year!
mariaraynal November 13, 2009
You were terrific! Engaging, charming, smart and more. The stuffings looked great, too. Congrats to all. Would love to hear what it was like behind the scenes.
WinnieAb November 13, 2009
I watched and you were great! Plus the stuffings look terrific!
lastnightsdinner November 13, 2009
I'm so glad you posted this - my husband forgot to set the DVR for me! Great job, ladies.