The T-Shirt Folding Trick You'll Wish You’d Met Sooner

Laundry day has never looked so fun.

November  7, 2019
Photo by Rocky Luten

The newest viral video we can’t stop watching revolves around a rather unlikely subject: a man folding shirts. It sounds, I know, boring (and it otherwise would be), but there’s something about the way Australian comedian Christian Hull approaches the rather mundane chore that has us watching on repeat.

If Marie Kondo brought joy to the art of tidying up, then Hull is bringing pure, unadulterated exhilaration to the equation. Check out the TikTok video he posted to Twitter here:

“I have never been more entertained in my life,” Hull begins, as he lays a striped cotton T-shirt onto a few pieces of plastic resembling the disconnected ends of an old computer tower. It’s a T-shirt folder, he explains, one that he recently bought online. He then emphatically demonstrates, almost out of breath with excitement, how the device works, folding over each subsequent panel with crescendoing “boosh!” noises until what’s left is a perfectly-packaged T-shirt sitting on the floor like an unopened envelope. “Look how neatly it’s folded!!” he practically shrieks. As a viewer you want to squeal alongside him.

As someone who once bought a one-handed egg cracking device from a late-night infomercial, I have to say, I relate to Hull. And as someone who, for the life of him, can’t properly fold a shirt, I have to say, I’m jealous. I wish my clothes looked the way his do, instead of the lumpy, misshapen messes that currently line my shelves. I wish I was just a boosh, boosh, BOOSH away from organizational Valhalla.

Well, apparently, I can be. The doohickey in question is available on Amazon and according to one happy customer, they “get the perfect folded shirt every time :).” Another had a contrasting view on things, saying it was “very flimsy and took more time to fold a shirt.” Regardless of its actual utility, I’m glad to see how much joy it brought Hull.

“This has been the most fun I’ve ever had,” he joyously proclaims towards the video’s end. I have to say, I don’t doubt him.

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Do you have a trick for folding your shirts? Spill the beans below! (It can be our little secret.)
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Sophy C. November 7, 2019
The three-point (aka Japanese) fold is my go-to, which I Konmari by further folding shirts into smaller packets that stand up in drawers. Sometimes, for travel, I use the military roll.