Peach Tart

September  1, 2011

Peach Tart by Amanda

Every cook needs a good dessert recipe that can be whipped up anywhere -- especially when you're away from your kitchen and its mixer and rolling pin and comforting gadgets. This peach tart is that recipe for me. To make it all you need is a knife, a bowl, and some kind of pan. A tart pan ideally, but I've even made it on a baking sheet with one side shored up with aluminum foil. And when I've been without a bowl, I've even mixed the dough right in the pan. The dough is made with oil, milk and almond extract, and is pressed into the pan. There is no blind baking nonsense. You just top the dough with the peaches, and then shower it with a sugary, salty crumble and send it on its merry way into the oven. I got the original recipe from my mother, who uses all vegetable oil in the crust. I use half vegetable oil and half olive oil. She neatly peels her peaches. Lazy kin, I do not. Hers is probably better, but you are stuck with me. I can promise you, however, that whoever you serve this to will not mind. - amanda

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ChefJune September 6, 2011
I made this yesterday and everything about it is FABulous. There is plenty of pie crust to go around. After I finished patting it into the pan I realized I'd used a 12-inch tart pan instead of an 11, and it managed to cover the whole thing just fine. The 12-inch tart took 8 peaches.

As good as the whole thing is, the real prize, Ms. Amanda, is the crust. SO delicious, and I LOVE a crust that doesn't have to be rolled out. Saves so much time on cleanup since there's no flour flying all around the kitchen.

Everyone swore there was liquor in the tart. It was that little bit of almond extract!
Indusgirl September 4, 2011
The tart crust is so flaky and perfect! I feel that most of the tart crusts I've made are complicated and time consuming; it reminds me of the quick desserts my mother would make growing up with such simple ingredients such as oil! I have already made this three times in the last week, and my friends and family love it. Thank you so much for this recipe.
AJinPG September 2, 2011
Wasn't sure this would all come together once it hit the tart super simple it is to make and the flavor is amazing!...Nice to have a dessert recipe that is relatively on the "lite" side. I can imagine it with Pears.....A keeper. Thanks for sharing.