4 Ways to Put Your Towels on Display (Even in a Small Bathroom)

Why squirrel them away when you can show them off.

January 15, 2020
Photo by Rocky Luten

How do you typically store your bath towels? Personally, mine get folded up and shoved into our freestanding bathroom tower because my tiny bathroom doesn’t have a linen closet.

Despite my less-than-glamorous treatment of them, I actually love my bath towels (they’re these amazing ones), and I wish there was a way to incorporate the delicate blue linens into the decor of the bathroom. Space restrictions definitely pose a challenge, but it got me thinking—besides folding and stacking, what other ways are there to store towels, especially in a smaller bathroom?

As you can probably imagine, the internet geniuses out there have come up with a plethora of unique hacks to roll or fold towels, but what if what you really want to do is show them off? Here are four of my favorite methods—to store and display—that will change your bathroom for the better.

Hang Them on a Leaning Ladder

Even if you have a small bathroom like me, chances are you probably have enough room to place this Steel & Wood Leaning Ladder against the wall. Most people use this style of ladder to hold blankets, but how cute would it look draped with your favorite bath and hand towels?

Not only are the rungs the perfect place to hang towels of all sizes, but the wide model has a shelf at the top, as well! You could use it to hold all sorts of items, both decorative and functional, and of course, it’s the perfect little spot for a humidity-loving bathroom plant. Save the last rung for your bath mat too, so when it’s extra saturated it has a place to hang dry.

Roll Them Up on a Shelf

It can be tough to get folded towels to sit nicely on shelves (I speak from experience), which is why you need a product like this Interlocking Towel Organizer to keep them in place. They’re kind of like bookends, but for your towels! With these organizers on your bathroom shelf or counter, you can easily roll up towels and store them within reach, without worry of them rolling off the edge. Plus, you can attach several of them together, making room for as many linens as you need.

Drape Them Over Handmade Hooks

Sure, you could buy Command Hooks to hang up towels on the wall, but let’s be honest: they’re not the most stylish product out there. Personally, I’d much prefer a hook that looks just as good “naked” as it does when there’s a towel on it, and these Uni Wall Hooks fit the bill precisely.

These beautiful stoneware hooks can hold up to five pounds, making them ideal for both bath towels and hand towels. Plus, you drape towels over them, so the circular form stays visible as a beautiful accent in your bathroom.

Air Them Out on Freestanding Racks

If you don’t want to commit to a towel bar on the wall (or simply can’t put one up due to lease restrictions), this freestanding towel bar hanger is the solution you’ve been pining for. The slim metal design can hold up to five towels, yet it’s only 6 inches wide, so it will take up minimal space in your bathroom. Seriously, it’s so compact, you could even stash it away in a closet when it’s not in use—and you know how much we love space-saving storage solutions!

How do you like to display your towels? Tell us in the comments below!
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Sparky May 19, 2020
We have guests that visit us for a week at a time or more. It's awkward to know when to go into the guest room to refresh towels. The idea of rolling a few towels, and placing them in view for the guest to use throughout their stay would be convenient for everyone. I only need to add a hamper for the used towels. This idea is so appreciated. Thank you!
bellw67 January 16, 2020
Ok, I’m going to jump in here, first why would you hang your clean towels on racks or hooks or drape them in the bathroom for anyone to use? People aren’t going to know they are for display only. Second, if anyone can show me a way to roll towels neatly, game on. Fold them and put them in your linen closet where they belong.