11 Very Cute Gifts for Every Cat Lover

You're going to want to buy these right meow.

February 13, 2020
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If you ask me, there’s nothing wrong with celebrating your love for cats. My cat, Nugget, has been my faithful companion for close to six years now, and I can’t imagine life without him. (And before you label me a “cat person,” just know that I also have an adorable dog who I love just as much!)

Luckily for all us cat lovers, there are a whole lot of chic home accessories out there with fun feline motifs. Whether you’re looking for cat wallpaper to decorate your office or a sweet kitty teapot for the kitchen, we’ve got you covered.

11 Best Home Accessories for Cat Lovers

1. Cat Cheese Board, $18.00

The next time you invite your fellow cat owners over for a wine and cheese tasting, make sure to break out this cute cat-shaped cheese board. It’s made from mango wood and has brass accents in the ears, and its nose and whisker details are too cute for words. Plus, when it’s not in use, this cheese board will look oh-so sweet propped up on your kitchen counter.

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2. Kitten Photo Clip, $10.00

While real cats are often a bit mischievous, this little kitten is incredibly helpful, holding up a photograph for you. The white ceramic cat will hang out upside down on your desk or counter, and you can prop up a picture between its paws—maybe even a photo of your own furry friend!

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3. S'ip by S'well Purrfect Morning Travel Mug, $19.99

This double-walled stainless-steel mug from S’ip by S’well is a pretty blue-ish purple color, and it features a fun cat print. In addition to being totally adorable, this travel mug will keep your drink hot or cold for hours, and it can help you be a little more eco-friendly, to boot.

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4. Cute Kitty LED Night Lamp, $16.99

If your child’s bedroom (or your own bedroom) is a little too dark at night, this cheerful night light is just what you need. The silicone cat can either be set to a white light, or you can have it cycle through seven fun colors. Seriously, it’s so cute that you’ll want to buy multiple.

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5. Cat Study Wallpaper, $128

Looking to create an accent wall in your bedroom or office? Behold the most perfect wallpaper ever. This cat-themed decor was designed by illustrator Leah Goren, and it features sketches of adorable kitties in a variety of poses. Each roll of wallpaper can cover 49 1/2 square feet, and the paper has SureStrip backing for paste-free application and easy removal.

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6. Sphere Cat Tower, $329.00

Most cat scratchers and play areas are somewhat of an eyesore thanks to their beige carpet and blocky shapes, but this particular cat tower is actually quite chic. The tripod base holds up a round braided hideout for your cat, and one of the legs has a rope-scratching area for your pet to flex their claws. Plus, there’s even a cute little ball that hangs down from the center, letting them bat away at it when they’re bored.

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7. Kitty Soap Dispenser, $14

Swap out your boring old soap bottle for this cat-shaped dispenser. The ceramic kitty looks incredibly content to be sitting on your bathroom counter, and its classic white and silver finish will match just about any decor. You can even get a matching toilet brush, if you want!

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8. Cat Bookend Set, $39

I’m always on the hunt for nice bookends to stabilize my huge collection of novels, so this set is definitely going on my wishlist. The pair of ceramic bookends features two cats—one standing and one sitting on his rear—and it has a pretty white speckled glaze that will look chic on any shelf.

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9. Cats Meow Print Cotton Kitchen Towels, $9.22

These cotton kitchen towels are as cute as they are functional. The cheerful print features a variety of cat heads and polka dots, and the cotton fabric is perfect for cleaning up kitchen messes. They’d also make a perfect housewarming gift for one of your cat-loving friends.

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10. Floral Cat Teapot, $39.00

With a teapot this cute, you’ll probably find yourself making hot beverages more often. This ceramic teapot has a silly little cat head popping out of the lid, as well as yellow flowers on the sides. It’s the perfect centerpiece for your next tea party, and don’t forget the matching cat sugar bowl, as well.

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11. Sleepy Kitten Ceramic 4” Planter, $14.00

This adorable ceramic planter combines two of favorite things: plants and cats. It’s in the shape of a sleeping cat, and its four-inch opening is the perfect spot to plant some live greenery. It would look especially good with a jade plant or a philodendron, don’t you think?

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Which of these feline-themed accessories would you like to add to your home? Tell us in the comments below!

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Lily2Susan February 20, 2020
They're actually all pretty cute. I wish being a cat person didn't have negative connotations.