Martha Stewart x California Closets Is the Dreamy Collab I Didn’t Know I Needed

But I'd need to spend about three month's rent to get it.

February 14, 2020
Photo by California Closets

California Closets—at least in my world—is synonymous with having made it. I equate a fully tricked out walk-in closet with my arrival into the life I’ve always imagined. If I have space for a walk-in closet, I probably have six dogs and a florist on retainer, too. This is to say...a custom closet system is a total luxury.

Who in the world of home-making is more associated with aspirational high living? Why, Dame Martha Stewart, of course. Even her line of paint in Michaels is acrylic opulence. When I heard she was launching a closet organizing collection, I had my fingers crossed that it would be somehow favorable to my bank account, but alas, to outfit my closet with this line, I’d need to spend about three month’s rent.

Photo by California Closets

But…but…soft close drawers, a hidden track system, a modular design to expand with ease—it’s, as the kids say, #goals. The line has specific structures for office, pantry, closet, and media centers, and they’re all able to live freestanding as detached wardrobes. They come in classic color pairings, like white-washed wood and gold, to coordinate with any decor style—how very Martha! It’s all just a big step up from the typical wire shelves and veneered drawers of yesteryear’s custom closets.

Okay, so I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m not the demo for this line, but someone is. If you’re that someone, would you please try it out and let me know how it’s changed your life? Or that it’s totally not worth it and I shouldn’t lose sleep over it?

In the meantime, I’ll be ever-vigilant for more Martha launches, and continue to enjoy her many other licensing partnerships, like doggy leather jackets and office supplies. I’ll be fine.

Would you go all out with this closet collection? Let us know in the comments!

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AntoniaJames February 20, 2020
In each of the three houses I've owned, I've had a walk-in closet - each the size of an average NYC apartment bedroom. The last two have had beautiful, functional built-ins, of the best cabinetmaker quality. May I respectfully suggest that such closets are overrated? My dream closet is no closet at all - just a pretty armoire large enough for the seasonal clothes I reach for all the time. I couldn't pull that off given the current situation (the bedroom is huge, too, but with a walk-in closet large enough for 4 people's 4 seasons of wardrobe, my dear husband vetoed putting an admittedly redundant in the bedroom, too), so I came up with a fun hack. I realized that I could configure some of the space to make the right-sized armoire, (removed shelves and installed rod for hanging in upper cabinet with doors, which sits over three drawers) within that closet! Apart from that dedicated space, a good half of the shelves and cubbies for shoes are empty, and I'm fine with that. Big closets usually ==> too much stuff. Being able to put my entire seasonal wardrobe (other than winter coats, boots, and cold weather accessories) in one suitcase gives me more pleasure than any Martha Stewart California Closet ever could. ;o)
mdelgatty April 28, 2020
Last summer I finally acknowledged it made no sense to sleep in the hottest room of the house and have a room air conditioner going 24-7. So I moved my bed to a shaded room on the other side of the house. It's about half the size of my previous bedroom, and I was anxious about feeling claustrophobic, so I decided I would move only the items I really need in my sleeping area. That turned out to include the clothes I wear all the time, which it turned out more than fit in the small closet in my new bedroom. I haven't gone into my still full old closet in months; it's incredibly freeing to not have to deal with a largish closet full of clothes to make decisions about. Now I just have to find them good new homes... (Bonus: I didn't even move my room air conditioner into my new bedroom - because I didn't need it there even once all summer...)