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Your Most Requested Kitchen Tool Is Here

It's rollable, portable, and pretty much does it all.

March 30, 2020
Photo by Rocky Luten

Lucky are those who have a dishwasher in their home to…clean their dishes. But even with this miracle appliance wedged under your kitchen counter, you likely find yourself washing your most beloved items (we see you, heirloom cast iron) by hand anyway, and certainly you’ve had the urge to scrub what didn’t make the cut, just sitting in the sink...amassing layers of gunk.

Suffice it to say: dishes have a way of stacking up faster than they seem to be used. There’s no way you used four different cups today, right? Right. Stress not! Five Two is here to remedy this inexplicable phenomenon.

Ta-da! The over-the-sink drying rack.

Look at how well it rinses veggies! Photo by Rocky Luten

The newest addition to our Five Two lineup addresses your concerns, as more than 50 percent of you said you were totally over the bulky designs that crowd your countertops. Well, this rack fits snugly over your sink, so that precious counter space has room for vases of fresh flowers, a 4-slice toaster, or heck—an industrial blender, if that’s your thing.

Says Kristina Wasserman, commander-in-chief of all things Five Two, “after an open call to the community, dish drying racks and kitchen organization solutions were your most requested items,” so the team hopped right to it. The especially great thing about it, she says, “is that it's incredibly minimal, but super strong due to the stainless steel structure,” meaning you can dry delicate items like glassware or a hulking dutch oven just the same.

Silverware cup? Did you mean fruit colander? Photo by Rocky Luten

It’s made of BPA- and BPS-free platinum-grade silicone (aka, the good stuff) so it’s 100 percent food safe and won’t scratch your sink. Plus, it holds up to 10 plates and lots of other pots and pans in the extra-wide slots, making cooking project clean-up a total breeze.

Not only is it great at drip-drying your dishes, it also has some clever features that take it from dish rack to do-it-all kitchen tool. The cup that houses your newly-clean utensils? It doubles up as a colander, so a handful of berries in need of a rinse get shaken dry in half the time. It’s also heat-resistant up to 550°, so once detached from the silverware cup, it acts as a trivet, catching the fall of a hot pan to the dining table, or cradling cookies as they cool.

Look at these cookies cool on this doubles-as-a-trivet rack! Photo by Rocky Luten

Oh, and if you do have that dishwasher? This baby can go right on in there for a cleaning.

Are you as excited to get your hands on this baby as we are? Tell us below!

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J.B. August 31, 2020
That's it; no other comments. Fits every sink?
Michael J. March 31, 2020
That....looks fantastic.