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A Nifty Trick to Create a Bedroom in a Studio Apartment

The key? Rethinking your layout.

May 12, 2020
Photo by Aimée Mazzenga

Hats off to you, studio apartment dwellers. You seemingly create storage out of thin air, hack every inch of your space and always have the rest of us saying, “Now, why didn’t I think of that?!” The 650-square-foot studio of PROjECT founder and designer Aimee Wertepny, however, changes the game. Her space is a great example of using a monochrome palette to make a small apartment shine. Even better though, she is on to a clever trick to make it even roomier.

Wertepny has used her bed to divide the studio into two areas. By using her bed and sofa, back to back, to create a wall, she’s essentially turned her studio into a one-bedroom apartment.

To achieve the look in your own home, start by ditching your headboard. It’s taking up space, and you just don’t need it. The back of your sofa will act as your headboard with this layout. Then, place your bed and sofa near the center of your studio with the head of your bed up against the back of your sofa.

There are other ways to visually divide an open-layout and creating a distinct area for sleeping (or working or hanging out). If you have any artwork, feel free to hang it from the ceiling between two areas. Aimee used a macrame banner, but you can use any piece of art, really. This will further create the illusion of a dividing wall.

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Top Comment:
“It IS a large studio, but creative imaging of space while letting light stream through - love that! I also love that couch and wonder where to find that! Lovely high back with wings and still softer cushions to snuggle into. Just lovely....”
— tajacarlo

Other options? If you have a loft-like space with vaulted ceilings, try using an armoire to conceal the bed (turning the bed away from the rest of the room). Something as simple as a sheer curtain can also create some sense of privacy, while preventing it from feeling claustrophobic. Large plants (or a row of hanging plants to create a veil of greenery), a screen or a simple cabinet could also do the trick. That’s it!

While super clever and fresh, is the floor plan actually functional? I asked Aimee if there were any cons to the layout, and her answer was a resounding “Nope.” It has worked for her for years, and it could definitely work for you too. Scroll down to see more of the space and to get a peek at the floor plan so you, too, can employ this ingenious idea in your own home.

Photo by Aimée Mazzenga
Photo by Aimée Mazzenga

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    Nina Angela McKissock
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Garrett Fleming

Written by: Garrett Fleming

Interiors Editor & Art Director


Nina A. July 19, 2020
I want that woven hanging piece that she used as a divider!!!!! Where may I purchase one? Thank you! [email protected]
tajacarlo May 17, 2020
It IS a large studio, but creative imaging of space while letting light stream through - love that! I also love that couch and wonder where to find that! Lovely high back with wings and still softer cushions to snuggle into. Just lovely....
Garrett F. May 27, 2020
I agree! It’s so lovely. I will reach out to the homeowner and see where she snagged the sofa.
Susanna May 17, 2020
The premise for this is misleading. A 650-square-foot apartment, even if it’s laid out as one open space, hardly qualifies as a studio. It’s a loft. Try a 350-square-foot apartment like mine—that’s a true studio, and there is no way I could configure my small space this way.
Garrett F. May 27, 2020
Hi Susanna,

I think differentiating between the two is tough and very subjective.
mdelgatty May 14, 2020
Do most people who live in studios have beds that huge? Big enough for a party...
Garrett F. May 27, 2020
To each their own!
M May 14, 2020
I knew someone who did this in a space less than half the size. It really works for tight spaces if you ignore the need for a bedroom "wall." Navigating was tough because all walkways were very narrow, but when you sat down, it felt as spacious as a single-use entertaining space. Once you sat down, you couldn't see the bed, but you had the benefit of a lot of open air behind and around you.
Garrett F. May 27, 2020
Nice! Further proof that it’s a good option!
ReS410 May 14, 2020
Love the decor! Esthetically very similar to mine, eclectic from inheriting family furniture. Could you give buying source for that fabulous bed pillow? Thanks!
Jane May 12, 2020
What is the small room next to the kitchen? It looks like a den. I’d rather have a cozy bedroom and a large living space. No bed in the great room please. 650 sq ft is really quite large.
Arati M. May 12, 2020
It's a closet, Jane.
Jane May 12, 2020
Wow a big closet. Still 650 ft is really large not to have a proper bedroom.
Jordan R. May 12, 2020
I imagine it also helps that her studio has 100 square feet more than my 1-bedroom ;) (Not to criticize; this is a lovely apartment and a great suggestion.)
jade408 May 15, 2020
I was thinking - what a huge studio! Mine is around 450 square feet.