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7 Stylish Desk Chairs That Also Happen to Be Comfortable

Bonus: They're in stock—for now.

May 22, 2020
Photo by Urban Outfitters

For those of us without a dedicated home office, the unexpected shift to working remotely was, well, a transition. The last few weeks I've found myself rotating between the couch and using my bedroom dresser or the kitchen counter as a makeshift standing desk. It's been a functional solution, but I wouldn't exactly call it comfortable.

I've been avoiding investing in a desk or chair for a while now, though I'm getting close to finally making the leap—for the sake of my back, at least. But I draw the line at a huge, unsightly chair sticking out like a sore thumb in my space (however ergonomic it may be). So I've been doing a bit of research on cushy chairs that also happen to look good, from mid-century swivel chairs to soft velvet task chairs. Here are a few of my favorites picks so far.

1. Foster Leather Desk Chair (Urban Outfitters)

This gorgeous leather desk chair would feel right at home in the airy, industrial loft of my dreams. Upholstered with top-grain leather and held together by a distressed iron frame, this beauty has lockable wheels, a cushiony foam interior, and an adjustable seat base.

Photo by Urban Outfitters

2. Belden Velvet Desk Chair (Pottery Barn)

This chic desk chair is all about the details: velvety soft olive green upholstery, sleek oak arms, polished stainless steel legs, and 360° swivel-ability (no tilting or rocking). As for comfort, the low backrest and extra-thick seat padding helps keep you supported throughout the day.

Photo by Pottery Barn

3. Pennell Task Chair, $499 $195.99

There's something about this chair's bright-pink velvet that makes the idea of staring at screen all day somehow more enjoyable. And if the 240 five-star reviews are anything to go by, it's comfy too. One reviewer wrote: " I spend many hours working, even off the clock, and this chair has come through as it’s super comfortable."

Photo by Wayfair

4. Ottinger Task Chair (Joss & Main)

This farmhouse-inspired task chair is a nice departure from all the mid-century options out there. It's got a metal base, but the rest is neutral with padded beige upholstery and light-gray wooden accents.

Photo by Joss & Main

5. Zoe Side Chair (AllModern)

This curved accent chair would make an excellent addition to any workspace—and when you're done for the day, it can fit easily into any other room. Case in point: "The chairs make a great addition to my home office and I'll be able to use them for extra seating in the living room when I have company," wrote one reviewer.

Photo by AllModern

6. SOHO Soft Pad Management Chair (Laura Furniture)

This chair is the perfect blend of form and function. Complete with three soft pads for upper-body support, it's made with a solid stainless-steel frame and durable leatherette seating surfaces, meaning it'll last and last.

Photo by Laura Furniture

7. Lillian Adjustable Office Chair (Overstock)

This totally adjustable leather and wood office chair goes where you go, thanks to its adjustable height, spinning wheels, and swivel feature. And according to reviews, it's a cinch to put together: "We had to quickly set up a home office, and I hoped this chair would be shipped quickly, comfortable, easy to assemble, high quality, and work with our existing decor. It was all of those things!"

Photo by Overstock

How have you made your work-from-home space more comfortable these past few months? Tell us in the comments below!

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Jarofchris May 31, 2020
So you haven’t actually tried any of these chairs?
Katheryn's K. May 26, 2020
What happened to posting recipes? This is Food52 right?
Sandy A. May 30, 2020
Food and comfortable chairs - it’s exactly what we need right now 😊
Ginger R. May 31, 2020
Thanks for the article. It couldn't be better timed as I am in need of a new chair, and like you, I don't want bulky. I spend a lot of time researching recipes and appreciate articles that assist with other tasks and are not commercial ads.
Katheryn's K. May 31, 2020
I joined Food52 because of recipes and food, not furniture. The last place I would trust a review of the best chairs is a supposed food site. I get you have to diversify to make some money but stick with food related stuff, kitchens, even some housewares like dishes etc, which they do and don't offer shipping to Canada when I've wanted to buy items, so don't know if they actually make that much money doing so. I've noticed less and less articles about food and eating over the years but am coming close to the conclusion that this website just might not be for me anymore. Lots of other great sights like Bon Appetite, Cooks Illustrated, Epicurious, Fine Cooking, NYT recipes. I use to spend a lot of time here posting recipes and looking through them, there just is not anything really new and interesting here regarding food any longer. Use to be my favourite food site. Things change, time to move on.