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13 Small-Space Storage Solutions to Help You Live Large

Collapsible, foldable, and double-duty all around.

July 29, 2020
Photo by Rocky Luten

If there’s anything I’ve learned from the tiny house movement (oh, and living in New York City), it’s that storage space can be found in, or created out of, the most unexpected places. Every square inch of a tiny house has to be maximized for organized storage, but even the largest houses can benefit from their sleek, smart solutions.

The products and ideas below are collapsible, stashable, and take advantage of often overlooked storage opportunities, like the sides of the fridge, between the toilet and vanity (yeah, that space), and high, high up on the walls.

1. Wood and Steel Slim Storage Cabinet

This little rolling wonder fits almost too perfectly into any unused crevice in your home. Think: between the toilet and vanity, the fridge and cabinet, the couch and wall… the options are endless.

2. Corner Kitchen Shelf

This adorable corner shelf is the perfect place for salt cellars, spices, wee bowls of garlic, and hanging pot holders. If your counter is cluttered all over, this little guy will contain it.

Photo by Walmart

3. Turn a Floating Shelf Into a Vanity

My bedroom is short on space, but I wanted a dedicated space to do my hair and makeup, so I put a shallow floating shelf up on the wall and hung a mirror above it. It’s the perfect size to hold all my supplies, and doesn’t take up much space at all.

4. Wood Handled Minimal Trash Cans

Trash cans are an unavoidable part of bathrooms, small as they may be. These little guys are easily stashed under the vanity or in a corner, since they’re cute enough to display.

5. Magnetic Storage

Space can be found in the strangest of places—namely, on the sides of your washing machine, fridge, or anything metal. Magnetic storage pockets and racks make these surfaces instantly useful.

6. Expandable Shoe Rack

Perhaps you’ve just donated a bunch of shoes, or perhaps your new living quarters don’t have the capacity they used to… either way, an adjustable shoe rack is the answer. Plus, when you eventually break down and buy a few more pairs, there’s room to accommodate them.

7. Put Floating Shelves Up High

Consider installing floating shelving units up high—they can corral seasonal decor, a surplus of books, and any items not often used.

Photo by IKEA

8. Divide a Room With a Shelf

In the case of a studio apartment (or any room in need of a little separation) an open shelf unit creates an airy divide, while providing housing to various odds and ends.

Photo by IKEA

9. Maximize the Space Under Your Bed

From sliding bins you won’t mind showing off, to unused luggage doubling as storage in its off season, the space under your bed is begging to be reorganized.

10. Ironing Board in a Bag

Not just for dorm-bound teens: a foldable ironing board easily stows away when not in use, and doesn’t need to be lugged to the other side of the room when you need it—just prop it up on the table.

Photo by Pottery Barn Teen

11. Storage Bench

Turning all furniture into storage is a tiny house hack indeed, and this bench looks good doing it. Shoes kicked off in the entryway have met their match.

Photo by Container Store

12. No Nightstand, No Problem

If your bedroom only has space for one nightstand, or none at all, a slim pocket that hangs from the side of the bed can easily hold your phone, pillow spray, and any other bedside essentials.

Photo by The Container Store

13. Collapsible Storage Bins

All collapsible everything, all the time. It’s the name of the game.

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“There are also new hangers for long dresses that allow you to hang them on the short rack of your closet by in case you have lots of long garments but only short racks!! ”
— MTKMermaid22!

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Caroline Mullen

Written by: Caroline Mullen

1 Comment

MTKMermaid22! April 18, 2022
There are also new hangers for long dresses that allow you to hang them on the short rack of your closet by in case you have lots of long garments but only short racks!!