Music Meets Food in Your New Favorite Podcast

From Food52's podcast network, 'Counterjam' is an auditory feast of interviews and toe-tapping tracks.

February  1, 2021
Photo by Timothy McSweeney

I am beyond excited to announce the launch of Counterjam, my new show on Food52’s Podcast Network that celebrates culture through food and music—two foundations of human culture. (And two of the best things in life, am I right?)

As some of you may know, I’m a serious food nerd. I head up food content at Pinterest and, before that, I led the team that created the Museum of Food and Drink in Brooklyn.

But, I’m also an amateur musician who has DJ’ed in Buenos Aires, strummed flamenco in Spain, played in a reggae band in Cameroon, and emceed in Philly. My happy place is being at the table with loved ones and getting down to great music. This show is my love letter to this passion.

The concept of Counterjam is near and dear to me. Each episode will focus on one cultural community, and explore the ways we express our identities based on the food and music we create, consume, and crave. We’ll cover the ins and outs of Nigerian food with Afrobeat pioneer Femi Kuti, the stankness of N.Y.C.’s “I found it first” mentality with singer (and accredited saucier) Kelis, how a Korean bean paste soup killed a high-school romance with star chef Roy Choi, and so much more. You can expect some raucous conversation, thoughtful insight into food and culture, and one heck of a toe-tapping soundtrack.

The first episode explores my own identity in all its stinky, fermented, fishy beauty. I dig into Korean American food culture with comedian Margaret Cho, chef Roy, and one very special, very important guest: my mom. I also share an Instant Ramyun “Carbonara” recipe that I can make in my sleep, and play a song of my own—something I composed in 2006 that I never shared with anyone… until now. This is a show that gets very personal.

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I don’t know about you folks but my dream evening is being with friends, enjoying a nice dinner, letting the wine flow, and listening to good music. Until we can, I hope you’ll join me for an auditory feast on Counterjam.

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  • Kristen Miglore
    Kristen Miglore
  • peterjkim
Food52 Resident & Host of Counterjam


Kristen M. March 3, 2021
I look forward to listening to every episode while I'm winding down in the kitchen at the end of the day, and have been loving them all. As I listen, I feel like I'm at a dinner party with the coolest people (and an excellent playlist)—thank you for inviting us!
Author Comment
peterjkim March 4, 2021
Many thanks, Kristen!! I'm listening to your tofu episode as I type :). Wonderful listening for a tofu-head, such as myself. (And my go-to method is to just let it ride out in my toaster oven.)
Author Comment
peterjkim March 4, 2021
(And my other go-to method is to coat with cornstarch and yeast and pan-fry. Insanely good!)