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We're Sourcing Our Home Inspo This Year from... Dollhouses?

Teeny rattan headboards, mini bentwood chairs, and little pendant lamps—who could resist?

February 25, 2021
Photo by Humble Pie Living

I follow a ton of home decor and designer accounts on Instagram, which largely informs my pulse on what’s new, what’s trendy, and what’s fading out. So it comes as no surprise that I’ve become entranced with accounts that fall into the intersecting venn diagram chunk of oddly niche (like: an otter family that lives in Korea, a very creepy cartoonist, and an account full of Thai cooking videos I watch specifically to fall asleep) and home decor. My latest obsession? Dollhouse decor.

Tiny things have always been exciting, you have to admit. I absolutely adore Tastemade’s Tiny Kitchen videos (mini loaves of bread! Little baby empanadas!) and recently impulse-ordered a set of tiny cats in dresses because, why not? These dollhouses are no exception, and they’re certainly not the plastic snap-together type from the 90s. They’re extravagant, hyperrealistic, and incredibly detailed.

They’ve got to-scale (I learned that the most common dollhouse size is 1:12 scale) rattan headboards, intricate pendant lamps, bentwood chairs, and brass-handled kitchen appliances. Every time I get deep into this world, I’m shoving my phone towards whoever is near me saying “can you believe this?” over and over again. It’s a treasure trove of tiny inspiration.

The first dollhouse account I started following (lol) was Tiny House Calls, a hilarious pun of a brand name, as the woman behind the house, Dr. Kwandaa Roberts, is actually a full-time OB-GYN with a passion for interior design. It began with the gift of a dollhouse for her then 4-year-old daughter, which she found herself sneaking down in the middle of the night to play with—and makeover.

Dollhouses, she jokes, are “another creative outlet that did not involve installing new chandeliers every six months,” and after the attention it received (her account now has over 80K followers) it actually inspired her to enroll in design school and earn a certification in interior design—she now (on top of delivering babies!) runs a successful design firm.

Not only is there a whole community of dollhouse-decorators, but also an entire online marketplace of tiny accessories and furniture to delve into, as well. It’s almost too much for my mini-thing-loving-self to handle. If your interest is piqued (it is, admit it!) I’ve gathered some of my favorite little tiny accounts with big impact, below. Go forth and buy a dollhouse!

Tiny House Calls

As mentioned, Kwandaa Roberts is the master of multitasking and dollhouse design. She’s on her fourth dollhouse reno at the moment (Spanish-style in its architecture), having already fine-tuned a chic beach house, eclectic boho home, and a classic farmhouse.

MiniCouch Marloes

Similar to Roberts, this purveyor of tiny couches discovered a passion for miniatures while making over her daughter’s dollhouse, and now sells her handmade mid-century couches for other enthusiasts.

The Tiny Timber Co

Itsy bitsy stockings! Cribs for tiny doll babies! Wee bouquets of flowers! I simply cannot!

Life in a Dollhouse

This sweet little house is curated by a 14-year-old with unbelievable taste, complete with chunky knit blankets, felted pets, and subway-tiled walls. “My inspiration always comes from what I’m surrounded by," she says, "which, most of the time, are the beautiful homes that my parents build—and Instagram. I’ve always loved interior design and it’s so rewarding to see my passion come to life in mini form.” Adorable.

Jessica Cloe Miniatures

This husband and wife team creates some of the most fantastical minis, including rolls of holiday wrapping paper, tiny taped moving boxes, bathroom toiletries, and wall-mounted surfboards—all at a 1:12 scale.


Among all the farmhouse-y dollhouses, this account stands out with lots of color and bold mid century design choices, plus lots of impossibly small foods.

Maria C. Dollhouse Flowers

Perhaps one of the most impressive tiny makers, these polymer clay flowers are more beautiful than any real ones I’ve ever seen? So stinkin’ cool.

Would you try your hand at dollhouse decor? Tell us your thoughts on the trend below!

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