4 Adult Easter Baskets to Treat a Loved One (Or Yourself) This Year

Just because you grew up doesn't mean you don't deserve treats.

March  5, 2021
Photo by Ty Mecham

You’re probably wondering, are adult easter baskets even a thing? I’m here to tell you that they absolutely are—or can be—because it’s 2021 and the sky’s the limit. If you’re in the mood to send some gifts, why not throw together a nice little basket of treats for your friend, sibling, or significant other who has fond memories of Easter egg hunts? This can do double-duty in overriding their less-than-fond memories of some terrifying person in a bunny costume, too.

As with all gift baskets, the best adult Easter basket ideas revolve loosely around some kind of theme. Fancy candy (I mean, it is Easter, after all), lots of nostalgia, delicate home accessories, and a coterie of condiments are all decidedly adult, but no less exciting to open than the baskets you received as a child.

Sound good? Here are four ideas to get you started:

Elevated Candy

First of all, there’s nothing wrong with Peeps and Creme Eggs. But if you want that Easter basket to be, well, a bit more adult, consider some fancy chocolates and sweet treats. There are four chocolate flavors available in this Daily Dose Chocolate Pack, and the bite-size bars are made from unroasted cacao beans (sustainably sourced, too). Balance out the sweet stuff with sour gummy bunnies—or for someone particularly adventurous, try Danish liquorice.

Nostalgia in a Basket

Throw it back to some preferred childhood Easter activities with an egg coloring & grass growing kit, which is technically for kids, but contains pastel-toned non toxic dyes made from plant extracts and is a fun activity no matter how old you are. A mason jar indoor flower garden will bring some spring garden vibes to even the smallest of apartments—you can grow chamomile, pansies, or zinnias using just this kit, water, and sunshine. For the ultimate nostalgic touch, add some Peter Rabbit chocolates.

Easter Tabletop Accessories

If you know someone who celebrates with a traditional Easter meal, they’ll be all set with the recipes—so go for some more decorative gifts. You can’t go wrong with soft cotton napkins in a neutral tone, or seersucker cloth napkins that come in very Easter-y green and yellow colorways. Brunch-havers might appreciate Bloody Mary salt along with Water Avenue coffee beans for after. Round out the basket with a few ceramic egg cups which are pretty and functional.

A Condiment Collection

We all know that one person who is really obsessed with dips, sauces, butters, jams, and any and all condiments. Go all out on your theme here. Consider: salted honey. Rye barrel aged apple cider vinegar. A small batch mustard trio? Spicy maple syrup? You really can’t go wrong with a small assortment of flavors.

Would you build someone an adult Easter basket? Tell us what you'd put in it below!

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