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Cottagecore Is Here to Stay—Bring it Home With These Decor Essentials

Think: Arabesque rugs, botanical prints, textured linens, and pieces that have an heirloom quality about them.

March  5, 2021
Photo by Rocky Luten

Spend just five minutes on Instagram or Tiktok (or really, browsing any design site you love) and you’ll probably realize that cottagecore, the semi-new social media trend du jour, isn’t going anywhere. I mean, when Taylor Swift writes not one but two albums that are pretty much singularly evocative of the vibe, you know it has staying power. And while sure, some examples of cottagecore can veer towards crunchy for some, there's a lot to love about this easygoing, comfortable design trend.

At its essence, cottagecore style is all about casual liveability. Like farmhouse decor before it, you can expect to see an emphasis on simplicity and ease, with nods to the slow pace and uncomplicated aesthetic only country living can bring. To me, it feels like the kind of room you walk into and feel immediately welcomed by, where you can take a load off and stay a while (preferably with a soul-warming cup of coffee in hand).

Even if you think you’re decidedly over that whole farmhouse thing, I’m fairly confident there are aspects of cottagecore decor that nearly anyone can find a place for in their home. Think: well-loved wood furniture, botanical prints, textured linens and bespoke pieces that have an heirloom quality about them. The key to working the cottagecore vibe—and really any decor vibe in general—is not to get too theme-y about it. One or two hits per room is all it takes to embrace the trend without going overboard and making your home feel like the set of a straight-to-streaming movie where the leading lady moves to a bite-sized town that time forgot, connects with the local grumpy-yet-mysterious bar owner and discovers she can love again—ya know what I mean? (Sidenote: Did I just describe the plot to Netflix’s Virgin River? Possibly.)

Anyways, I digress. If you’re looking to freshen up your home for spring, look no further than these cottagecore-approved picks that are just begging for a spot in your home sweet home.

1. Handmade Printed Porcelain Vase, Food52

One of the cornerstones of cottagecore decor is floral patterns, and nothing is more on-the-nose and adorable than a botanical-covered vase. This trio from Lydia Johnson Ceramics features painterly prints and retro-inspired hues for a combination that’s quaint and charming.

2. Melody Sconce, Anthropologie

Lighting is an important—but often overlooked—element to really cementing a design scheme in a space. This petite sconce from Anthropologie is the perfect accent for a cottagecore space without being too literal. The whimsical brass butterflies pair with a cut-glass shade for a piece that hits just the right vintage-inspired note.

Photo by Anthropologie

3. Welcome Natural Wool-Hooked Rug, Rifle Paper Co.

For a charming look coming or going, opt for this botanical-inspired welcome mat by Rifle Paper Co.—They’re basically known for their folk-y floral prints and have that cottagecore vibe down.

Photo by Rifle Paper Co.

4. Handmade Stoneware Dinnerware, Food52

This stoneware dinner set by Convival combines a soft, country-white glaze with raw clay edging for a dinner scene that strikes the perfect balance between rustic and classic. Plus, they’re dishwasher safe, so they’ll go with your easy-breezy cottagecore lifestyle, too.

5. Roots I Print, Juniper Print Shop

There’s almost nothing more beautiful than a vintage botanical print in a gilded frame—just the thought of it makes me swoon. This is totally one of those treasures you should keep an eye out for while thrifting (there are so many of them!), but if you don’t have the luck or patience to find one that way, you can always snag this replica from Juniper Print Shop. Bonus: You can buy it digitally and print in yourself, or have the company take care of the legwork for you.

Juniper Print Shop

6. Mushroom Basket, Burke Decor

Quick moment of honesty here, this mushroom basket from Burke Decor is actually meant for children. But hear me out—first of all, rattan is age-neutral in my opinion. And the quirky charm this piece brings makes it perfect for the cottagecore lifestyle. Not to mention, it’s practical, too—the top opens up to reveal ample storage for everything from extra blankets in the living room to hiding your workout gear in your office.

Burke Decor

7. Fynbos Quilt, Food52

A plush quilt is pretty much a must-have for anyone who strives to take their cottagecore persona to the next level. This hand-stitched version from Karu features block printed florals and 100 percent organic cotton materials, resulting in a piece that is as luxe as it is lovely. Curl up under it with a new read (may we suggest The Little Book of Cottagecore?) and a fire blazing, and your cottagecore transformation is about complete.

8. Embroidery Hoop Art, Etsy

The cottagecore lifestyle harkens back to a more simple time, involving a slower-paced lifestyle and hobbies that followed suit. One craft also experiencing a renaissance thanks to this trend? Embroidery. Play homage to the handmade art with your very own wildflower embroidery hoop art, or find a pattern to help you take a stab at it (literally) yourself.

Photo by Etsy

9. Loloi Kismet Arabesque Rug, Anthropologie

This charming rug incorporates soft, almost-neutral tones of peach, cream, umber and sage, with classic English garden inspired floral motifs for a cozy accent that is as plush as it is posh. It’d look amazing beneath a spindled wood bed frame or velvet fainting couch.

Photo by Anthropologie

10. Pressed Floral Pulls, Urban Outfitters

Oftentimes it’s the little touches that add dimension and life to a design scheme, and I can’t think of anything more fitting for a cottagecore-inspired home than these pressed floral pulls. The brass and acrylic materials keep them feeling fresh, while the bright coral hue of the florals keep them cheery. They’re sure to be the perfect smile-inducing accent to your wardrobe or cabinet.

Photo by Urban Outfitters

11. Mud Australia Porcelain Teapot, Food52

No afternoon ritual is more cottage-y than a nice warm cuppa. Turn your 3 p.m. pick-me-up into a full-blow treat with a gorgeous kettle you won’t mind keeping on display post-pour. Handcrafted in Down Under, this porcelain kettle from Mud Australia is equal parts timeless and modern and 100 percent cottagecore goals.

Have you embraced cottagecore yet? Or is it just not for you? Tell us about it in the comments!

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