8 Cleaning Products That Went Viral This Year—for Good Reason

You know, the kinds of things we wonder how we ever lived without.

July 26, 2021
Photo by Julia Gartland

Thanks to my job, I spend a lot of time browsing the internet. I scroll through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, scoping out the latest trends and products to write about, and there’s no shortage of cool items to be found.

Lately, a lot of people have been really getting into cleaning—which, I have to say, is a refreshing change from things like the Tide Pod challenge—and there’s even a whole subculture on TikTok called #CleanTok, where people share their best cleaning hacks. In addition to all sorts of “why didn’t I think of that'' cleaning methods, I’ve discovered lots of cool cleaning products that make it exponentially easier to maintain just about every room of the house. Here are some of my favorites.

1. The Pink Stuff, $8.25

True to its name, this “miracle cleaning paste” is a pretty shade of pink, and it’s also all the rage on the internet. It has a mildly abrasive formula that works wonders on all sorts of surfaces, including pots and pans, cooktops, sinks, appliances, and more—basically, if it’s dirty, The Pink Stuff will get it clean. Some people even use it to clean scuff marks and pen off the walls! (Per the directions, you shouldn’t use it on plastic, acrylic, or highly polished stainless steel, which are easily scratched.)

2. Chomp Long-Handle Dust Mop, $34.97

I’ll admit that I only ever clean my walls when I’m going to paint them, but with a product like this, I might be inclined to do it more often. The long-handled mop comes with reusable microfiber pads for both dusting and mopping, and the mop head has a teardrop-shaped design that lets you get into corners easily.

3. Kaboom Foam Tastic Bathroom Cleaner, $3.72

This foaming cleaner has made a cameo in virtually every bathroom cleaning video I’ve watched in the last few months. It sprays on blue, which helps to ensure complete coverage, and it turns white when it’s ready to be wiped off. The OxiClean-powered formula cuts through soap scum and hard water deposits with minimal scrubbing, making it a must-have for your bathroom cleaning arsenal.

4. Narwal T10 Robot Mop Vacuum, $1,199

There are lots of robot vacuums out there today, as well as several robotic mops, but the Narwal is the first product I’ve seen that can do both. This pricey smart gadget has two water tanks in its base, one for clean water and one for dirty water, and the robot periodically returns to clean off its mop heads, so it’s not just pushing dirt around your floors. Plus, it creates a smart map of your home, allowing you to create “restricted zones” and create cleaning plans.

5. Scrub Daddy Sponge Set, $9.99

I’ve heard of Scrub Daddy Sponges before, but I didn’t know that people were obsessed with them until I joined TikTok. These smiley sponges are the unofficial cleaning tool of the app, as they can be used on lots of different surfaces, and people love that the sponge stays firm in cold water and softens up in warm water. Plus, they resist getting smelly for up to two months if cared for properly, allowing you to use each one for longer.

6. Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Gel Toilet Cleaning Stamp, $6.88

This one is a little weird, if you ask me, but people really seem to like it! You use the little plunger-style device to dispense a glob of gel under the lip of your toilet bowl, and when you flush, it helps to prevent stains and build-up while releasing a fresh scent. Each “stamp” lasts for up to 12 days, allowing you to clean your toilet less often.

7. Easy Squeeze Mop, $39.99

Mopping is pretty high on my list of least-favorite chores, but the Easy Squeeze Mop promises to make cleaning faster and easier. Not only does it come with reusable, easy-to-clean microfiber pads, but the mop head’s X-shaped design actually wrings the cloth out by itself. All you have to do is push down on the handle, and all the dirty water will be squeezed out, saving you from having to touch the grime. Sign me up!

8. Rubbermaid Power Scrubber Complete Home Kit, $27.99

You can do half as much scrubbing around your house with the Rubbermaid Power Scrubber. It resembles an electric toothbrush, and it comes with a variety of heads to clean lots of different surfaces.

What are your favorite new cleaning products? Tell us what we need to add to our carts below!

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Shuna L. September 26, 2021
Considering the state of climate change, I would hope that Food52 might promote alternatives to plastic handled tools and fish killing chemicals. I get it that plastic sponges with faces are cute, but they shed themselves into the water, and end up in landfill or on my local beach's edge. With just a little more research it's possible to find wood handled brooms, biodegradable soaps/detergents, etc. Thank you for your consideration.
boulangere July 26, 2021
I had the same thought as Lynn D. The photo is as misleading as the article is disappointing. And by the way, the link in #3 is the same as in #2.
Lynn D. July 26, 2021
From the title picture I thought this article would be about the new natural cleaning products that don't come in plastic containers or contain microfibers. Nope!