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Shopping for Rugs is Hard—These 10 Sites Make it Easy

No need to get out of your PJs or carry a log up three flights of stairs.

July 27, 2021
Photo by Rocky Luten

Finding the right rug can be overwhelming, but finding it online without being able to see or feel it in person? That’s basically impossible.

While we all know that interior design 101 says a rug can make or break a room’s aesthetic, it’s hard to find the perfect one that’ll pull a room together online. It’s easy to get lost in a million browser tabs, but thanks to a thoughtful batch of home furnishing mainstays, emerging direct-to-consumer brands, and independent design studios, there’s a just-for-you rug out there waiting to be added to your cart.

Ahead are the 10 best places to buy rugs online after evaluating the quality, range of designs, and extra services they provide so that you can decide on the right one. Whether you’re hunting for an embroidered, tufted, washable, or wallet-friendly rug, you’ll be way less overwhelmed shopping at these online stores.

1. Wayfair

An online favorite for modern home furnishings at affordable prices, it comes as no surprise that Wayfair is worth checking out if you’re shopping for the right rug. The site stocks an impressive assortment of rugs in every kind of material and style you can imagine—some even come in as many 34 different sizes.

Keep in mind that you’ll probably see very similar options on other online superstores, so where you end up buying may come down to reviews, savings, and costs for shipping and returns. If you’re looking for more unique rugs, check out Wayfair’s One-of-a-Kind Rugs section, where you can shop curated vintage as well as higher-end, hand-tufted rugs sourced from regions like India and Pakistan.

Mercury Row Duhon Power Loom Rug | Shop on Wayfair, $53.99+ Photo by Wayfair
Union Rustic One-of-a-Kind Preusser Hand-Knotted 6' Round Jute | Shop on Wayfair, $115.99 Photo by Wayfair

2. Ruggable

Ruggable's washable rugs come in two pieces: a lightweight, low-pile rug cover and a non-slip rug pad. The rug cover, with textures like chenille and plush, is made of water-resistant polyester, so you can easily wipe up small spills or throw it straight into a standard washing machine. The rug pad underneath is latex-free (think yoga mat) and keeps the cover in place. Cushioned pad options are available, too, which ranks Ruggable as a top contender for galley kitchens and home office spaces. There are indoor and outdoor rugs in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and sizes, with the largest size being a 9x12-foot rug and as well as official Disney merch—perfect for outfitting a kids’ playroom.

Absida Rainbow Rug | Shop on Ruggable, $89+ Photo by Ruggable
Mickey Trellis Slate Rug | Shop on Ruggable, $99+ Photo by Ruggable

3. Etsy

It’ll take a little scouring and searching, but for a huge selection of vintage or custom-made rugs from all over the world, don’t sleep on Etsy. The advantage you get with Etsy is the ability to message and communicate with the seller directly, which is especially valuable if you’re not quite sold on a piece or just need more details. For instance, sellers are usually more than happy to snap additional pics in different lighting and from a variety of angles—some even have fabric or paint swatches on hand and can photograph rugs next to a color reference so you can be sure it’ll match the colors in your space.

3 x 5 Wool Handwoven Kilim Runner Dhurrie Rug | Shop on Etsy, $270 Photo by Etsy
2.5 x 12.4 Orange Herki Rug | Shop on Etsy, $253.96 Photo by Etsy

4. Revival Rugs

For unique vintage rugs that have been hand-sourced from the markets of Turkey and Morocco, Revival Rugs is a one-stop shop. The direct-to-consumer brand for ethically-sourced rugs has grown in popularity since its start in 2017, thanks to consistently solid reviews, a vast collection of designs, and overall simplicity of purchasing rare, one-of-a-kind vintage rugs without the markup.

Revival’s vintage rugs are thoroughly inspected and professionally cleaned before getting listed on the site, and you can expect your rug to arrive at your door within three weeks. And if you’re not finding The One, you’re still in the right place: Revival designs and produces new rugs in small batches, too—the common thread you’ll notice across its selection is the timeless style. Don’t forget to take advantage of the site’s “View In Your Room” tool to help you make your decision.

Ratka Vintage Moroccan Rug | Shop on Revival Rugs, $742 Photo by Revival Rug
Aloisius Moroccan Rug | Shop on Revival Rugs, $2,246 Photo by Revival Rug

5. Jungalow

Designer Justina Blakeney’s trademark vibrant bohemian style is wonderfully evident in the rugs she designs for her Jungalow home decor brand and her collab with Target. You’ll find artful pieces that range from earth-toned jute accent rugs to graphically eye-catching statement rugs that tie in the natural world. Each rug is artisan-crafted, and Jungalow ensures that every manufacturer adheres to fair labor practices.

Peach + Blue Rug | Shop on Jungalow, $35+ Photo by Jungalow
Leela Terracotta Rug by Justina Blakeney x Loloi | Shop on Jungalow, $35+ Photo by Jungalow

6. Beni Rugs

If you’re set on a Beni Ourain-style Moroccan number, we can’t blame you—the quirky, fluffy-soft, warmth-emitting rug that somehow works in every home has stolen our hearts, too. And you’re in luck, direct-to-consumer brand Beni Rugs has solved for the biggest barriers: the extremely high price tag, size and color limitations, and authenticity.

On the site, you can browse a stunning selection of designs that will feel right at home in even the most modern living rooms. Beni rugs are made to order by Berber artisans in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains, using traditional processes that ensure the piece will last for years. If you’re set on a specific look, but don’t see the rug of your dreams, Beni’s Customize Collection offers 48 blank canvases and designs that you can customize with your own color combination, size, and tassel preference.

Cactus Trio | Shop on Beni Rugs, $874+ Photo by Beni Rugs
Dusk | Shop on Beni Rugs, $546+ Photo by Beni Rugs

7. Aelfie

If you’re in the market for anything but a basic beige rug, Aelfie by Brooklyn-based rug designer Aelfie Oudghiri should be your first stop. Come for the bold color schemes and funky patterns, stay for the handmade quality that utilizes traditional methods native to Northern India, the rugs’ region of production.

Oudghiri's playful rugs are easy statement pieces, promising to transform any space in need of some eccentric visual energy. Unlike similar brands in the graphic-forward category, most of Aelfie’s rug designs are customizable, so you can change up the color and sizing to your liking. And if you’re on the fence, you can get a feel for the color and texture before purchasing with a 1x1-foot sample for $25 that’s refundable when you place an order.

Orange Cat Hand-Tufted Rug | Shop on Aelfie, $525+ Photo by Aelfie
Checkmate Shag Rug, Blue | Shop on Aelfie, $25+ Photo by Aelfie

8. Lorena Canals

Anyone with kids or pets knows there’s one rug requirement that rules them all: It needs to be easy to clean. Lorena Canals pioneered machine-washable, stain-hiding cotton rugs, later expanding into washable wool rugs. The brand is well-loved by interior designers for cozy textures that are soft enough for a nursery or living room alike, though it will be a bit of an investment.

On the site, choose from washable cotton or washable wool rugs—each material is handmade with natural dyes and comes in a wide range of shapes and sophisticated styles, from Nordic to vintage; plus reversible and upcycled options are also available. Its social mission sets the brand further apart for conscious shoppers: In India, where the brand upholds responsible labor practices at its own two factories, Lorena Canals founded and supports the Sakûla Project, which provides children with access to education.

Washable Rug - Botanic | Shop on Lorena Canals, $545 Photo by Lorena Canals
Reversible Washable Rug - Twin Amber | Shop on Lorena Canals, $549 Photo by Lorena Canals

9. RugsUSA

Another rug superstore with a vast, budget-friendly selection is RugsUSA. You’ll find both handcrafted and machine-made rug options here, as well as washable rugs, outdoor options, and a variety of shapes to suit your space.

Like many big box stores in its category, RugsUSA is no stranger to ample deals and discounts and offers free shipping on all rugs, but we love the considerable return window of 30 days. And like many big box stores, we definitely recommend going in with a particular rug style or design in mind—that is, unless multiple open browser tabs don’t phase you.

Blue Abstract Sunset Area Rug | Shop on RugsUSA, $42+ Photo by RugsUSA
Natural Jute Braided Area Rug | Shop on RugsUSA, $41.20+ Photo by RugsUSA

10. Amazon

And, of course, there’s Amazon —which to many of us is our go-to, one-stop-shop for all things fast and affordable. With speedy delivery and free shipping and returns for Prime members, the convenience factor is practically unbeatable, so if you need a floor covering stat or want to test out a variety of designs with as little return rigamarole as possible, start with an Amazon search. Just note that for the ease of shipping and returns (as well as lower price points), you might have to spend extra time diving into the reviews to get a true feel for your rug’s quality and durability.

nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe Area Rug | Shop on Amazon, $16.60+ Photo by Amazon
Rivet Modern Chevron Wool Area Rug | Shop on Amazon, $109+ Photo by Amazon

What kind of rug are you looking for in your space? Let us know in the comments!

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