19 Decor Gifts for That Someone Who Just Can’t Stop Redecorating

As in, all of us.

December  3, 2021
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You know that friend or relative who’s constantly talking about needing to redecorate? Maybe they’re pinning ideas with reckless abandon while giving you the play-by-play, or constantly discussing color palettes, fabric swatches, and throw pillows, but haven’t yet acted on any of it. Well, this gift guide is for them.

Each of these pieces—from a handwoven, fiber-art wall hanging to a backgammon set that doubles as a cool coffee table accent—will elevate a room instantly and might even kickstart their revamp. Just wait—you’ll be kicking back in their newly decorated space soon enough.

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1. Waterproof Paper Flower Vase, $24

Dress up any not-super-exciting vessel (even a repurposed tomato-sauce jar will do) with this geometric, vase-shaped covering. It’s made from waterproof paper so spills and water drops are no issue, and its unique design makes it such a conversation piece.

Photo by Paddywax

2. Paddywax Realm Incense Holder, $15

A fun (and functional!) addition to a coffee or side table, this translucent glass bubble is designed to hold incense and is available in purple or yellow. Pair it with your favorite stick incense as a thoughtful gift that will elevate its recipient’s space.

Photo by Goodee World

3. Baba Tree Pakurigo Basket, $200

A sculptural work of art that doubles as a functional storage piece, this wavy, large-scale basket is woven from palms by expert Ghanaian artisans.

Photo by Serena & Lily

4. Coffee Table Books (Set of 3), $178

A curated bundle that will instantly dress up a coffee table, and give your loved one tons of design and travel inspiration. The mix includes Athena Calderone’s Live Beautiful, which takes you inside gorgeous homes and breaks down the key elements of each; Cailtin Flemming and Julie Goebel’s Travel Home, a guide to curating spaces influenced by far-flung destinations; and Pamela Fiori’s Holiday, a look back at the influential travel magazine of the same name.

Photo by Hay

5. Lex Pott for Hay Pillar Candles, $55 $46.75

Group a few of these colorblocked candles as a stunning decor moment that could inspire the vibe for an entire room.

6. Tortuga Steel Modern Bookends, $60-$68

These curvy, powder-coated steel bookends come in a range of colors, sizes, and shapes for any space. They’re a creative solution for keeping books standing tall on a shelf and infinitely cooler than their standard-issue counterparts with an appealing balance of form and function.

Photo by CB2

7. CB2 Waves Brass Taper Candle Holders, $34.95-44.95

These solid-brass candle holders are such a cool statement piece that would work equally well on a dining table or mantle. They’re primed to display the myriad colorful, patterned, and textured tapers that are having a moment.

Photo by Serena & Lily

8. Serena & Lily Albion Mohair Throw, $448

There’s nothing cozier than a fluffy mohair throw. This one—an heirloom-quality investment—is woven in Spain using only natural fibers (a blend of mohair and wool), comes in six colors (including three super-saturated tones), and serves as a nice textural element in any space.

Photo by Uncommon Goods

9. Knit Planter Sweater, $38

These knitted planter covers are designed as a totally unexpected and super-easy outfit change for ho-hum pots—just stretch them over any that could use a new look. Plus, they’re made from remnants of acrylic yarn that are too short for conventional knitting.

Photo by Anthropologie

10. Anthropologie Swirled Glass Cloche, $44

House a pillar candle in this glass cloche speckled with gold for a really lovely ambiance.

Photo by West Elm

11. Guten Co. Terracotta Vase, $258

This warm, matte terracotta planter has a glazed interior so it’s water-tight and ready to house a gorgeous arrangement. Done in a modern silhouette with clean lines and geometric accents, this vase is so ready to be put on display.

Photo by Uncommon Goods

12. Storm Cloud, $25

The clear liquid housed inside this glass cloud crystalizes in different patterns based on the room’s barometric pressure, making it a mini weather predictor and a super-cool decorative accent.

Photo by Anthropologie

13. Shore Essential Oil Diffuser, $38 $26.60

Absolutely the prettiest essential oil diffuser we’ve ever set eyes on, the glazed ceramic top keeps its functionality incognito. Pair it with a trio of essential oils for a winning gift.

Photo by CB2

14. CB2 Curved Ball Match Striker, $49.95 $36.96

A pretty objet and one that’s super-handy to have out on a coffee table. The base is etched glass, so you can use it to strike a match. Bonus points if you round this out with your favorite candle.

Photo by Field + Supply

15. All Roads x Covet + Lou Wall Hanging, $450

A real statement piece, this isn’t just a textile—it’s a true work of art. It’s hand-woven with intricate details, layers of texture from the cotton and wool, and vibrant colors that’s not just a pretty piece to look at, but a fuss-free way to add character to a room.

Photo by Coming Soon NY

16. Concrete Cat Ambrosia Lazy Susan, $300

Each one of these super-special lazy Susans is slightly different because they’re made by hand with pigmented concrete.

Photo by Nordstrom

17. Newmade LA Wall-Mount Planter, $38

Plant enthusiasts will love this geometric, wall-mounted display that’s designed to hold a 4-inch pot—a clever and space-saving way to spotlight their most beloved greenery.

Photo by Anthropologie

18. Backgammon Game, $88 $61.60

When this colorful backgammon game is not being played, it folds up like a book and boasts a display-worthy exterior.

19. Sin Handmade Infinity Knot, $70

Handmade from speckled clay, this sculpture just has that quirky je ne sais quoi quality that makes it extra special. Use it to top a stack of coffee table books or as an accent on a styled shelf.

Still looking for the perfect gift? Let us know who you’re shopping for below and we’ll drop some great ideas!

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