The Home Edit’s Walmart Collection Will Help You Organize *Everything*

And it’s much less expensive than hiring the duo as your personal organizers.

January 11, 2022
Photo by Walmart

The Home Edit has been one of my low-key favorite Netflix shows. Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin are bubbly and approachable; the show gives us a look at their famous clients’ McMansions; and there is tons of practical advice on editing, categorizing, containing, and maintaining everything from clothes and shoes to laundry and kitchen essentials.

But, as much as I follow through on Shearer and Teplin’s tips, I haven’t been able to commit to one of their biggest: clear bins that let me see everything in their rightful place. They’re surprisingly expensive for what they are, and I always think that I can get the same result without them. Spoiler: I can’t. Thankfully for my wallet, The Home Edit has launched a budget-friendly collection of storage organizers at Walmart.

Shearer and Teplin’s debut Walmart collection includes five curated sets, an ornament organizer, a turntable, and a few bins of various sizes. Each piece is clear (naturally), stackable, and modular so everything will fit your space in the most satisfying way. Best of all, they’re all under $25. Considering that I was this close to dropping much more on a set of baskets elsewhere, The Home Edit’s collection might finally be the answer to a (kinda) professionally organized space.

Here are a few of the organizers already in my cart.

1. The Home Edit 5 Piece Laundry Edit, $24.98

My laundry room doubles as a general storage area, so the shelves’ contents are a mix of detergent, cleaners, and hand soap refills. Having a set of stackable bins and a turntable means I won’t mistake the degreaser for a soap refill, and that maybe I can finally find the brush to clear out the dryer’s lint compartment.

Photo by Walmart

2. The Home Edit 5 Piece Pantry Edit, $24.98

My pantry is where half-empty bags of specialty flours and canned goods are forgotten until way past their prime, but these clear bins and shelf risers promise to give them a fighting chance. The bins will also help keep my pantry shelves clear of flour and grain spills.

Photo by Walmart

3. The Home Edit Ornament Organizer Box, $12.98

I still haven’t taken down my Christmas tree, but when I do, I’ll know that the ornaments will be safe and sound in this sturdy box. It can house up to 64 ornaments and comes with cardboard dividers to prevent them from banging into each other. The hardy flat top means easy stacking, too.

Photo by Walmart

4. The Home Edit 10 Piece Plastic Bath Edit, $24.98

My bathroom drawers are among the worst offenders when it comes to organization and I can never find any of the 1384287 hair ties that I know I have. These little modular organizers can corral everything from lip balm and moisturizer to extra floss and yes, even those hair ties. When you find them, that is.

Photo by Walmart

What are your favorite organizing tricks? Let us know below!

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1 Comment

Jess January 16, 2022
I love the Home Edit as well. I especially love the turntables for the pantry which contain my vinegars, oils, and tea bags. I look forward to the Walmart options and organizing my hair ties as well!