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9 Cozy Throw Pillows for Snuggly Winter Comfort

Decor accents that double as cold-weather BFFs.

February  3, 2022
Photo by Rocky Luten

I collect throw pillows. Or, in my husband’s words: I collect “useless” pillows. “Give her a surface, any surface, and she’ll find a pillow to throw on it,” he complains. I like to say I was destined for this. As a kid, my friends and I made a game of counting my mother’s decorative pillows—our counting skills got advanced real fast. I’d tell you how many we got to, except my mom might stop talking to me.

Pillows are the decorative accents I use to add color, personality, and texture to my home. My couch, beds, and chairs offer the neutral backdrops against which I mix and match them to add interest and dimension. I love the tactile pleasure I get from their varying texture, and sinking into a pile of them after a long day at work home, working. I especially like the warm, snuggly cocoon they offer when temperatures drop, and winter creeps into my home.

Which is why I like swapping out my throw pillows seasonally—something you can do even if you don’t collect them like it’s your job. Linen and cotton in warmer weather and silk or velvet as fall steps in. But come winter, nothing is quite as snuggly as fabrics such as wool, shag, or bouclé. Even throwing one or two in the mix will turn your space into a homey, winter-long retreat.

Here, I’ve rounded up a few of my cold-weather faves—a couple that I have already, and some others I’ve got my eye on. Because clearly, I can never have too many pillows…

1. Cozy Bouclé Pillow, Anthropologie ($48-68)

You’ve probably seen bouclé crop up recently on… well, everything. This nubby textured fabric is a designer favorite, and adds visual interest to just about any room or piece. Its curly texture also makes it incredibly cozy when used as a pillow case, as seen in this best-seller from Anthropologie. I particularly love the ochre for adding the perfect warm pop of color to a grey couch or neutral bed.

Photo by Sunday Citizen

2. Pom Pom Throw Pillow, Sunday Citizen ($80)

Three words: Fuzzy pom poms. From Sunday Citizen, a fourth-gen textile family, comes this buttery-soft, earthy, textured number. Personally, I love the Burnt Sienna, but the pillow also comes in black and Sahara tan. Even better news? There’s a braided pom-pom throw to match.

Photo by Sien + Co

3. Aveda Pillow, Sien & Co ($245)

I discovered Sien + Co through a friend, and have since acquired a pillow that never leaves my bed—it’s that comfortable (and beautiful). The Aveda pillow is a combination of merino wool and jute, and is made by weavers in Buenos Aires. So what makes it so perfect to cozy up to? “The wool comes from Patagonia in the south of Argentina and is one of the smoothest, softest fibers in existence. It also has thermo-regulating properties that allow it to adapt to the temperature of the body,” explains Alexandra Gibson, the founder of the brand.

Photo by West Elm

4. Cozy Faux Shearling Pillow, West Elm ($47.50-95)

If faux shearling is more your thing, these ones feel just like the real deal. They’re crafted from 100 percent recycled polyester (even better!) and their texture will add softness to any space. I particularly love that they are faux shearling on both sides of the pillow for double the coziness. And that they come in three handy sizes, including an extra-long lumbar option—all of which can go right in your washing machine when grubby!

Photo by Ty Mecham

5. Farmhouse Pottery Natural Sheepskin Pillow, Food52 ($225)

Peak, peak cozy! If you’ve ever come across Farmhouse Pottery’s sheepskin, you’ll know what we’re talking about. From the Vermont-based makers of traditionally crafted ceramics, candles, and more come these all-natural shearling pillows that will level up your bed or couch, and make winter evenings almost feel welcome.

6. Interknit Jersey Pillow, Burrow ($59)

We all know Burrow makes great couches, so it makes perfect sense that they also make great pillows to pile on. This soft, chunky, knit pillow will remind you of your favorite oversized sweatshirt, and comes in both a cream and a honey mustard color, so you can mix and match. Just add on your favorite knitted throw, sit back with a book, and relax.

Photo by Rocky Luten

7. Cozy Snug Bamboo Shams, Food52 ($90)

This bedding collection (also from Sunday Citizen!), made of 100 percent bamboo viscose, is our Home Buyer, Shareen Singh’s pick for all-round coziness: “This is the most snug bedding ever, and perfect for chillier months. The pillows are the same snug material on both sides, and I love that I can mix and match colors or keep it monochromatic.” Pick from a duvet or a set of pillows in two sizes—or both—and get ready for a long night in.

8. Miulee Velvet Decorative Pillow, Amazon ($12.99)

Come cooler weather, Market Editor Jada Wong loves bringing out these basic—and incredibly wallet-friendly—velvet pillow cases. “The velvet is soft and plush, and I love that it comes in sets of two. Pillow cases can be so expensive, so I like using a few of these in the mix,” she says.

9. Lea Carey Landscape Throw Pillow, Urban Outfitters ($49 $39)

Quite unlike anything else you might own—and in a straight throwback to the ‘70s—this embroidered throw pillow is designed by NYC-based textile and graphic artist Lea Carey. It’s what I think is the perfect throw pillow size (18” x 18”) and has that teddy texture you’ll want to sidle up to on a cold evening. I could totally see it in a kid’s room, but am pretty sure it would pep up any space.

Do you enjoy decorating with throw pillows? Tell us in the comments below.

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