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15 Terrazzo Decor Pieces That Prove the Material Is Here To Stay

From the window to the wall (kinda), this classic material goes beyond trendy.

February 10, 2022
Photo by Julia Gartland

My affair with terrazzo began in a tile store in Paris last November. In search of flooring that had the elegance of marble but a little less cold (and generally, less expensive), a large, creamy slab of terrazzo with bright chips in sage, gold, charcoal, and terracotta caught my eye. So elementary-school chic! Color me a millennial, but I was instantly hooked.

From the Italian word for “terrace,” terrazzo is a composite material made with irregular-shaped pieces of marble, quartz, granite, or glass, all combined together with a neutral binder. A sustainable option from the outset, it was created by 16th-century Venetian artisans to repurpose marble pieces leftover from the production of marble slabs.

Once I fell for the charming speckled look, I began seeing it in all types of home decor pieces from floor to ceiling. Maybe it was a case of the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon, or maybe terrazzo really was (still) having a moment. According to industry reports, the terrazzo flooring market is growing at 4.9 percent and is expected to hit $31,951.2 million in 2025. In the past three years, Google searches for terrazzo coffee tables and planters have risen 1,450 percent and 550 percent, respectively.

In fact, the aesthetic is so popular that it’s spawned terrazzo-inspired items entirely divorced from the original material, like painted vases, wallpaper, and more. Proving that the aesthetic isn’t limited to millennials, even TikTok has a robust community of Gen-Z terrazzo enthusiasts. [This video from small biz Terrazzo Parazo, for example, has more than 1.8 million views—and is strangely hypnotic. “The sound tickles my brain,” writes one user, while another writes “M&M McFlurry.” I mean, neither of those are not not true.

Ahead, some of our favorite terrazzo picks beyond just floor tiles—be warned that you might start to see the speckled material everywhere you look.

Photo by MJ Kroeger

1. Slash Objects Half Circle Floor Mats, $127

Made of post-consumer recycled rubber, these durable terrazzo floor mats will ensure the dirt stops—and the style starts—at your front door. The half-circle shape adds a fun trompe-l'œil touch.

Photo by 2Modern

2. Ferm Living Terrazzo Wallpaper, $115+

Love terrazzo so much you want to live inside it? Us, too. This wallpaper from Ferm Living adds a bold backdrop to your space. Printed on non-woven quality paper, it’s also easy to hang and adjust—just remember to use the appropriate wallpaper paste.

3. Bentu Design HUI Washbasin, $1,500

Of all the basin sinks we've seen, this one is from Bentu Design just oozes style. It also comes in gorgeous shades like mint green, sky blue, and earthy red.

Photo by Rocky Luten

4. Tarhong Everyday Classic Melamine Dinnerware, $51-$84

Lightweight and shatterproof, this melamine terrazzo dinnerware is perfect for everyday meals—indoors or outdoors. (And a great excuse to start planning that inaugural warm weather barbecue).

Photo by Crate & Barrel

5. Crate & Barrel Terrazzo Baby Changing Pad Cover, $35

If you have a little one, upgrade to this cheery terrazzo-patterned baby changing pad cover. Parents will love the look, and since it's made with 100 percent cotton, your baby’s bum will love the super-soft feel.

Photo by Sounds

6. Sounds x Den Den Soap Dish, $65

Handmade in Texas, this concrete terrazzo soap dish adds a modern design and pop of color to any sink, counter, or shower. Sustainability bonus: it comes packaged in a recyclable box with a recyclable insert.

Photo by Pretti.Cool

7. Pretti.Cool 5" Terrazzo Catch-Alls, $42

Your keys, hand sanitizer, lip balm—basically, everything—will always have a smart home with these terrazzo catch-all dishes. Individually hand-casted so each one is totally unique, they’re made from concrete and recycled glass, and have a cork base to prevent scratching surfaces.

8. Capra Designs Handcrafted Resin Terrazzo Planters, $129

For plant lovers, including those who tend to overwater, meet your new favorite planter, replete with a built-in drainage hole and a base that doubles as a water tray. In colors like gold and agave, your plants will be healthier—and look more fashionable—than ever.

Photo by Anthropologie

9. Anthropologie Stella Terrazzo Table Lamp, $298

With a creamy terrazzo base and a classic linen lampshade, this handcrafted table lamp will brighten any room. And the chunky cotton tassels? Well, they're just fun.

Photo by Lulu and Georgia

10. Lulu & Georgia Dresdin Indoor/Outdoor Console Table, $4,499

Natural materials, neutral colors, and contemporary design are on full display with this console table. The base is hand-chiseled desert stone and the terrazzo table top is fully removable—a perfect combo of where form and function meet.

Photo by Bed Bath & Beyond

11. Deny Designs Terrazzo Brushstrokes Duvet Cover Set, $158.99+

With bright colors and a fun design, this duvet and pillow sham set would be a great addition to your bedding situation whether you lean more neutral or bold.

Photo by Etsy

12. Aura Living Terrazzo Coasters Workshop Kit, $49.44

For a touch of DIY, this Terrazzo Coasters Workshop Kit takes the cake. It comes with all of the materials and an easy follow-along instructional video to make a set of coasters you'll use everyday.

Photo by Target

13. Deny Designs Mambo Art Studio Terrazzo Shower Curtain, $69.99

This terrazzo-inspired shower curtain adds a pop of design to the loo—because the bathroom shouldn’t be an afterthought when decorating your home. It’s also handcrafted in Colorado by Deny Designs, a company that supports the art community worldwide.

Photo by The Inside

14. The Inside Art Deco Bed, $979+

A bit art deco, a bit modern, this upholstered bed from The Inside is an unexpected statement-making piece of furniture. Each one is made-to-order by artisans around North America, so the only thing you can expect is that the pattern will be slightly different and entirely unique.

Photo by One Kings Lane

15. One Kings Lane Terrazzo Melamine Appetizer Tray, $30

If you’re looking to change up the ol' app spread, this terrazzo melamine tray offers a sleek, and durable, alternative. Your deviled eggs never looked so appetizing.

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