12 Watering Cans That Are Just Too Pretty to Put Away

Put down the deli container.

May 25, 2022
Photo by Julia Gartland

As a proud plant parent with a lots of indoor foliage, I try to make simple tasks like weekly waterings more fun than frustrating with a go-get-'em attitude. Turn on that music, put on a mud mask—it’s self-care for everyone!

But you know what also helps? Having the right tools for the job. Any watering can will hydrate your plants, but why not have some fun with yours? If you can have a favorite coffee mug to reflect your morning mood, you can—and should—have a favorite watering can that expresses your plant personality.

Whether you’re giving your plants their weekly drink, or doing your daily check-in on newly propagated stems, you have my full permission to grab a watering can so pretty that you'll conveniently forget to put it away.

Photo by Julia Gartland

1. The Maximalist: Garden Glory Swedish Lightweight Watering Can, $69

This is for the Iris Apfels, the ones who always accessorize and do the most. This watering can doesn't take anything too seriously, except for serving tall drinks. And by that, I mean a 4-liter capacity that won’t have you running back and forth to the faucet.

Photo by Design Within Reach

2. The Architect: Light + Ladder Hadron Watering Can, $210

With its matte sand finish, negative space, and use of geometry, you might think we’re talking about a futuristic landmark designed by William Pereira. In reality, it's a pint-sized watering can (well, more like three pints) so beautiful that it should be proudly displayed among other cherished objects in your home.

Photo by Terrain

3. The Minimalist: Burgon & Ball Beech Wood Handle Watering Can, $25

Small, sleek, and built to last, Burgon & Ball's watering can is full of thoughtful design details. Like a comfortable wood handle, a wide opening for easy filling, and a long spout to satiate your thirstiest friends.

Photo by Duluth Trading

4. The Double Duty: Duluth Trading Co. Spray Sprinkler, $14.95

Who doesn’t love a product that can do two things at once? One part watering can and one part mister, this will get all your watering jobs done with just one trip to the sink. It's especially fantastic if you have plants in need of humidity.

Photo by Anthropologie

5. The Delicate Bloomer: Nadya Ribbed Watering Can, $32

Glass and plant care don’t usually go hand in hand, but we're making an exception for this stunning soaker. It might seem a little high maintenance and definitely requires more care, but the same can be said for certain plants, no?

Photo by Amazon

6. The Perfectionist: 1 Pint Plastic Watering Can, $24.95

This practical, yet pretty can is the preferred choice for bonsai enthusiasts who don't need a large vessel. It holds just enough water for bonsai care, and has two options—a long spout for deep soaking and a sprinkler head for something more gentle. The can also has a convenient little holder for when you don't need the sprinkler head; this way, you'll ever lose it.

Photo by Urban Outfitters

7. The Vintage Lover: Daisy Watering Can, $39

A little kitsch, a little classic. The vintage shape of this pitcher brings back nostalgic dreams of traveling abroad while the carefree flower doodles tell me it’s time to stop procrastinating and water those thirsty plants...ahem, like right now.

Photo by Sage & Sill

8. The Long Game: Sage & Sill Jungle Watering Can, $29 $27

Once you've figured out the right spot for your plants, it's best to leave them there for a while. But if your plant decides that a high shelf or the empty spot above your kitchen cabinets is their happy spot, watering them can be a total arm workout. Use this long-necked watering can (and maybe a stool) to quench the plants perched on your highest peaks.

Photo by Flora Bunda

9. The Ceramicist: Flora Bunda 7" Rainbow Y Shaped Ceramic Watering Can, $35.99 $31.44

Let's hear it (again) for tools that do double duty! This one moonlights as a flower vase between waterings, or even as a vessel for propagation. The ceramic also has a hand-thrown touch that instantly looks right at home, too.

Photo by Shinese

10. The Kid At Heart: Totoro Watering Can, $39.99

For those who have a sense of humor or just need a laugh to get through watering 150 house plants. Also a great choice for junior gardeners if you want to delegate the weekly to-dos.

Photo by Modern Sprout

11. The Space Saver: Modern Sprout Watering Can, $114

The slim profile is perfect for those with smaller spaces who need to tuck their watering can away. It will fit snugly wherever you decide to stow it or better yet, show it—the minimalist design doesn’t command attention but it does deserve appreciation.

Photo by Holistic Habitat

12. The Gilded Gardener: Halo Brass Watering Can, $95

Every plant owner loves to show off their greens—I know I do! Give yourself a golden trophy with this magnificent watering can. Don’t be fooled by the extravagant design, it’s also quite functional with a well-balanced grip and extended spout for hard-to-reach pots.

What’s your fave watering can? Let us know below!

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Cw May 30, 2022
Never thought to showcase my watering can, but seeing it displayed may help me remember to water. Really like the double duty of flower vase and watering tool w the Ceramicist. And now about that mud mask?