Why a Round Dining Table Belongs in Every Home

It was the best thing I did for my space.

Photo by Rocky Luten

I am not exaggerating when I say a piece of furniture changed my life. It’s true. And it has everything to do with geometry. In this case, it’s a round dining table. Years ago, I was thrilled when I moved into my very first apartment, in New York. Granted, it was a tiny fifth-floor walk-up, but still my own, and I inherited the cutest drop-leaf rectangular dining table. It was sandwiched into the little kitchen area, and perfect for me and the occasional guest or two. I loved it! But then I met my future husband, and we decamped to the greener pastures of Brooklyn for more space. My tiny table followed us there, but all of a sudden it felt dopey and just wrong. Finally, I had more room, and the space seemed to call out for a round shape. So I went round and never looked back.

Not only did it help with the flow of a floor-through apartment, but as our expanding family grew, too, the round table was just as good as ever. There’s just something about the intimacy of a round dining table: You’re never facing just one person, and the space between everyone is basically equal. There’s no head of the table, no fuss about seating arrangements. And I swear it makes dinner conversations better.

But that’s not all—they’re versatile, too. It somehow never feels lonely to have just two people sit down to dinner, and it's also wildly helpful when feeding infants and toddlers. Plus you can also easily crowd extras in (as I did for one Thanksgiving). It’s a great work station where you can really spread out (especially helpful during events like worldwide pandemics). If you’re feeling fancy, you can dress it up with a tablecloth and add a big floral arrangement in the center. They’re workhorses that are perfectly comfortable in a supporting role in the breakfast nook but also have enough presence to anchor a dining room.

Here are some of my favorites.

Photo by HAY

1. Hay Two Colour Table, Round, $895

A two-toned table from Hay adds a playful vibe to your dining situation.

Photo by Crate & Barrel

2. Leanne Ford x Crate & Barrel Willy 48" Charcoal Brown Pedestal Dining Table, $1,099

Looks like concrete but weighs much less. This Leanne Ford–designed table is sculptural and practical all at once.

Photo by Target

3. Buylateral Atwood Round Dining Table, $799

It’s a traditional shape but feels freshened up in all white. You could also paint this Target find in a fun color.

Photo by Knoll

4. Saarinen Dining Table, 35" Round, $2,642+

It’s the table that’s spawned a thousand knockoffs, but it’s a classic for a reason. The Saarinen is pricey, but also has resale value that will hold. The marble-topped version comes in sizes ranging from 35” to 60”.

Are you into round dining tables? Let us know below!

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deMariL July 19, 2022
I LOVE that table from HAY! I 💕LOVE😍LOVE that look, that entire room! If I could (if I had the 'room'), I'd recreate that look- ..probably for the price/cost of just that table 💗ahh, one can dreaml😋
Miriam July 19, 2022
personally I prefer a round that can be extended into an oval for dinner parties and larger family gatherings but I'm with you round is best