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12 Small Space-Friendly Buys That Max Out My Home

They magically free up space where I thought there was none.

August 22, 2022
Photo by Julia Gartland

Small-space living is all about making the most of every square foot and ensuring that your countertops, dresser drawers, shelves, cabinets—everything, really—are all working to their fullest potential. Having lived in my fair share of tiny apartments over the years, I’ve turned to Amazon many times to scoop up organizer systems, storage bins, and more. Between the variety of styles and the quick 2-day Prime shipping, the online behemoth has come in clutch when all my stuff was just too overwhelming.

Here are 12 of my favorite products all on Amazon Prime that have made living in a compact space feel so much more pleasant.

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1. Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker, $99.99 $56.99+

I’ve been all about the Keurig since I purchased my first machine back in 2015, but I love that there are newer versions that take up minimal counter space. My NYC apartment has an incredibly tiny kitchen with laughable counter space, and I know I’m not alone. While I would’ve prioritized a coffee maker no matter what, I like that this Keurig is petite enough that I can still place my toaster, Nespresso machine (hey, I really do love java), and some storage canisters next to it without sacrificing all my available space. There are lots of cute colors to choose from, too, but to help my machine blend in with my kitchen, I just went with a simple grey.

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2. Seville Classics 2-Pack Foldable Handwoven Cube, $34.64

Over the years, I've used these woven baskets for everything—and I mean everything. They've held hardware and DIY supplies in my hall closet, helped me corral my giant stash of extra candles, been great to house socks and underwear in particularly small bedrooms, and so much more. These bins are attractive and they fold up, meaning you can easily stash them under your bed when they’re not in use. (But trust me, you’ll always be able to think of a way to use one of these guys!)

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3. Diommell Foldable Cloth Storage Box, $15.99

Speaking of baskets, I also love these foldable cloth baskets for the dresser and closet. If you have a large dresser drawer, arrange a few of these inside to house smaller items. They’re also great for spaces like nurseries, dorm rooms, and bathrooms.

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4. BRT Ceramic canister storage jar, $11.99

I feel like the theme of this article is essentially going to be that I like coffee, well, a lot. These canisters are excellent for stashing everything from actual coffee grounds to small Nespresso pods in my kitchen, and I like how simple and sleek they are. There’s also just something about using actual ceramic canisters that will make you feel as though you 100 percent have your life together.

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5. Milltown Merchants Ceramic Utensil Holder, $19.99

While you’re scooping up your chic canisters, be sure to grab this pretty utensil holder, too. The geometric shape is nice and on trend, and I’m all about a classic black and white moment in the kitchen. It's officially time to stop stashing your salad tongs and spatulas in a plastic cup!

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6. Tezzorio Bar Supplies Marble Wine Bottle Cooler, $53.88

If you’re looking to wow your friends the next time you entertain, this marble chiller is definitely one way to do so without precariously putting bottles in your fridge. And when it isn’t keeping that bottle of bubbly nice and cool, you can use it as a vase—hey, in a small apartment, you have to prioritize those multipurpose items!

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7. Cosco Folding Step Stool, $47.44

Whether you’re just an occasional DIYer or find yourself tackling a new type of home project every weekend, you’ll want to scoop up this folding step stool ASAP—painting, hanging photo frames, and so much more are about to get way easier. As a bonus, the stool will help you reach those difficult-to-access storage spots so that no amount of precious shelf space goes to waste in your apartment.

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8. Globe Electric 2-Light Table Lamp, $55.48

This table lamp has a bit of a retro feel and will look lovely in any area of your home without taking up a lot of real estate. Place it on your entryway table, desk, nightstand, or somewhere else entirely to add charm and character to your space. I like that you can turn on just one bulb at a time if you’re looking for some dim lighting at night or in the early morning.

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9. Disen Travel Makeup Bag, $19.99 $18.88

I know that this makeup bag is technically supposed to be for travel, but I think it’s a great piece to use all the time if you’re stuck using—or sharing—a small apartment bathroom. Various compartments make it easy to sort makeup by type, and the fact that you can zip this baby up and store it in a different room is great—your roommate won’t complain about you clogging up the entire sink area with your lotions and potions. The dividers are removable and adjustable, so you can customize this storage bag exactly to your liking.

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10. French Baroque Style Picture Frame, $23.95+

Living in a small apartment doesn't mean you should skimp on the art, or in my case, or framed textiles. You can go modern with clean frames, but who says your frames have to be basic? I love that this frame style could totally pass for an antique piece yet is affordable and available via Prime shipping. It comes in several different sizes and will totally have your friends thinking that it's actually vintage.

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11. Simple Trending 3-Tier Under Sink Organizer, $35.99 $33.97

I don't know about you, but the area under the sink is my actual worst nightmare. Or I should say it was, until this organizer system came into my life. I use it to store trash bags, extra sponges, cleaning supplies, and all that jazz, and it’s prevented me from overbuying because for once, I can actually see how much of a certain item I have left on hand.

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12. Boyata Laptop Stand, $39.99 $37.99

Work-from-home days are here to stay for the lucky ones among us, and this laptop stand has definitely gotten me through many belabored Zoom calls. Its adjustable configuration will help you say bye-bye to neck pain and means that you can make your own standing desk setup if you wish. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a dedicated desk area in your small apartment; this stand will help maximize your dining table’s potential in no time.

What are your favorite buys for small spaces? Let us know in the comments!

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