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An Unsuspected Storage Solution For Low-to-the-Ground Bed Frames

It's meant to hold wrapping paper, but your sweaters will fit just fine.

March  1, 2023
Photo by MJ Kroeger

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I’ve always been pressed for closet space. If you, too, are used to living in small spaces, you know that under-bed storage is key. Unfortunately, while I love my mid-century modern bed frame, its low-to-the-ground design doesn’t lend itself to a lot of storage options. Most hard-sided containers were too tall to fit under my bed frame, so I was stuck with using flimsy soft-sided storage bags that looked messy and couldn’t hold up to sustained use. Frustrated and roaming the aisles of The Container Store, I finally stumbled upon an unlikely solution: This Wrapping Paper Storage Case. Turns out, this is just the storage hack I’ve been looking for.

This storage case might technically be for wrapping paper, but honestly, I think it works even better for sweaters. As soon as I got the case home and unwrapped it, I knew it was going to be a game changer. At just five and a half inches tall, this storage case slides perfectly under my low-framed bed. I’m able to fit 10 sweaters, along with several scarfs, in each case and because the fabric sides are reinforced with cardboard, it keeps its shape.

The top of the case also has a zipper, which means easy access and no more wrestling with plastic lids that never seem to stay on. The case sports several handles, one on the short end and one on the long end, so regardless of the direction I shove it under my bed, I’m able to easily pull it out again. And here’s the best part: Because this case was technically designed for wrapping paper and accessories, it comes with several small pockets meant to hold tape and ribbon. I use these pockets to hold fragrance sachets to help keep my sweaters smelling fresh and new.

After filling the two that I initially purchased with sweaters, I dragged my partner back to The Container Store to buy three more for the rest of my winter gear. And if you’ve ever braved The Container Store during their post-holiday sale, you know that means they’re worth it. The space beneath my bed has never been so organized, and my closet is finally under control.

Photo by The Container Store

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Carey Stangl

Written by: Carey Stangl

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Hughes12 April 28, 2023
Wow! How fun of an article! Whomever the writer is, I never enjoyed reading an article about storage. Bought!