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Hooks, Knobs, Holders—Meet Our Favorite Hardware From Schoolhouse

Because who said deciding on design details was boring?

March 30, 2023
Photo by Schoolhouse

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Do you like DIY home repairs and decor? Ever catch yourself thinking “I could definitely do that” while watching reruns of remodels on HGTV? Then I bet you've already scoured the digital pages of Schoolhouse—the lighting and lifestyle goods company in the Food52 family tree—to find your dream lighting, hardware, furniture, and utility pieces (think: a boot brush, step stool, or laundry cart).

If we're wrong and you haven't perused those pages yet, but you are in the process of a home remodel or are looking to switch out the small details in your space (like knobs, door hinges, and wall hooks), we've got you. We rounded up nine of our favorite hardware pieces from Schoolhouse below.

Photo by Schoolhouse
Photo by Schoolhouse

1. Swedish Utility Hat Rack, $129

This utility hook is an easy and effortless way to save space. Hang your favorite hats, scarves, jackets, or bags from the knobs and you're good to go.

Photo by Schoolhouse
Photo by Schoolhouse

2. J Hook, $48

Available in brass or matte black, this J-shaped wall hook is perfect for stray goods like keys, towels, or reusable tote bags.

Photo by Schoolhouse
Photo by Schoolhouse

3. Perkins Hook, $38

Minimal and modern, this neutral hook will fit seamlessly on your wall. It's handcrafted from bent, laser-cut steel to keep design sleek and chic.

Photo by Schoolhouse
Photo by Schoolhouse

4. Vista Crystal Knob, $24

If you want an accent that’ll stand out when it catches the light, this crystal knob will be great in your space. With its classic, rounded shape, it fits equally well in modern and traditional spaces, too.

Photo by Schoolhouse
Photo by Schoolhouse

5. Mid-Century Knob, $20

Rooted in mid-century modern design, this knob features a cylindrical design and a concave face. It comes in brass, polished nickel, satin nickel, and matte black.

Photo by Schoolhouse
Photo by Schoolhouse

6. Somerset Knob, $12.99

This classic knob might be reminiscent of the ones that were on your childhood home's kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Available in brass, satin nickel, black, and matte bronze; there's a color for any aesthetic.

Photo by Schoolhouse
Photo by Schoolhouse

7. Concrete Tissue Holder, $48

Bathroom basics like toilet paper holders don't need to be boring. This concrete tissue holder is any easy way to add character to your bathroom essentials.

Photo by Schoolhouse
Photo by Schoolhouse

8. Nicolai Paper Towel Holder, $139 $80

The same logic applies here: Every decision can be an opportunity for design flair. This industrial-style paper towel holder is crafted to last a lifetime, is protected by a satin-gloss finish, and comes in black or a shiny brass.

Photo by Schoolhouse
Photo by Schoolhouse

9. Mara Wire Tissue Holder, $44

If you want a tissue holder that feels like the universal standard for tissue holders, this simple and sleek silhouette is for you. It's available in black, white, brass, and polished chrome.

Are you an advocate for DIY-ing home renovations? Let us know your tips and tricks below!

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Kirsten H. March 31, 2023
Can you tell me what that gorgeous wallpaper is??
DelicateFlowah April 1, 2023
Searched the Schoolhouse site. It’s in their wallpaper section.
Kirsten H. April 1, 2023
Oh wow, didn’t even think to look there! No idea they sold wallpaper. Thanks so much!
AntoniaJames March 30, 2023
I didn't realize the Schoolhouse line was so extensive. Those Somerset ovals are gorgeous. ;o)