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My Search for the Perfect Shower Curtain Is Over

This one from Schoolhouse is as beautiful as it is functional.

April  4, 2023
Photo by Ty Mecham

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Finding a good shower curtain is hard. Once, because I couldn't make a decision on which one I wanted, I spent a full week without one. It was a disaster. Beyond having to angle my body so that water would splash into the wall instead of out onto the floor, it gave me no privacy. This was also the same week my roommate decided to just walk into the bathroom, no knock, mid-shower. Jarring, right?

Well, since that fateful week when water flooded my bathroom, I’ve gone through plenty of shower curtains. From cheap ones I’ve picked up at the drugstore to fancy ones I ordered online, I’ve run the gamut of shower curtains. They all have some problems: They feel weird, they are somehow see-through, or they don’t dry quickly, to name just a few. Thankfully, after years of searching for the perfect one, I’m glad to announce I finally found it.

With shower curtains, simplicity is key, and that’s something you can expect from this Gingham Shower Curtain from Schoolhouse. It’s made from 100 percent cotton percale, which, thanks to its tighter weave, makes the shower curtain dry quicker than normal cotton would. It is soft to the touch, so much so that every time I enter the shower I almost forget I’m in an apartment bathroom and think I’m in a spa.

The material itself is nice, but not too nice. I’ve had some shower curtains in the past that almost made me afraid to use them. This is an everyday shower curtain, though, and one of the main reasons is that it is machine washable. And yes, if you didn’t know, you should absolutely be washing your shower curtain, you sicko.

Then there’s the design itself. You can grab this Schoolhouse option in a russet or a juniper depending on the style of your bathroom. Either way, it has a gingham print that makes it look like an old-timey bed sheet, hanging on a string out on a windy southern lawn to dry (but remember! This one dries quickly). It also won’t overpower anything else you have in your bathroom—the design is eye-catching enough to distract from small stains but subtle enough to not take away from other patterns in the space.

While you do need a little plastic liner, that’s okay in my book. You’ll want to preserve this shower curtain for a while. After all, it almost looks like a picnic tablecloth elegantly flowing from the rod above my shower.

If you need a shower curtain, I couldn’t recommend this one from Schoolhouse enough. It might just become your new favorite home item. It’s mine, and I can safely say I’ve never felt this way about a shower curtain before.

Do you have a favorite shower curtain? Let us know below!

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Will O'Brian

Written by: Will O'Brian


Genevieve April 19, 2023
$76 for a shower curtain...
Deanna April 16, 2023
What does this have to do with food?
Justin S. April 17, 2023
They’ve tastefully covered home style concepts, expanded offerings and partnerships for years now.
Kendall April 16, 2023
I'm not a fan of plastic liners and I've been searching for a clear, non-plastic shower curtain liner for years and cannot find one.
Joan April 17, 2023
Bed, Bath and Beyond has a liner that is silky and dries nicely, too. Costs about $12.00.
Terry April 16, 2023
The point of a cotton/linen shower curtain imo is to NOT have a plastic one, so having to use a PVC liner to prevent mold, etc. defeats the purpose. We have glass doors in our new build but in our last home I would have liked to find a waxed canvas shower curtain, made of non-petroleum based fibers AND waterproof (or at least water-resistant). But either I couldn't find one I liked or they cost more than we could justify so I settled for a cotton curtain with little embroidered dragonflies, that I oxy-cleaned every so often (although it still discolored). But maybe there's more of a selection out there now...
Joann April 16, 2023
Plastic shower liners are horrible. They don't last long, disgusting if you happen to touch them, difficult to wash, and just throwing them away when they are no longer usable is ridiculous! Lots of inexpensive options for fabric liners which you can find at many locations including Lowes or Home Depot!
jnldayton April 16, 2023
I despise plastic liners--when it touches you: yuk! After years of searching, I found a solution: Bathage no-liner water-resistant fabric shower curtains. Lovely minimalist designs, too. Unfortunately, it looks like they are no longer in business; you can find them on the Gigantic Online store. Guess I'll continue searching for No Plastic Liner shower curtain solutions.
Jacki R. April 16, 2023
My search for the perfect shower curtain ended when I found my waffle one at Boll and Branch. It’s soft, just the right amount and size waffle, plus it’s longer than average ones. A+!!!
AlwaysLookin April 16, 2023
The 'curtain' is immaterial, it's ALL ABOUT THE SHOWER LINER!!!!
Chris74 April 16, 2023
Absolutely agree! You can find microfiber machine washable liners that are so much nicer than the plastic ones, especially if you’re using a high end shower curtain like this!
Janet April 16, 2023
Yes! And I use a simple textured sheer shower curtain that allows the natural light in.
Jacki R. April 17, 2023
Of course!!! Haven’t used plastic ones for years!
anas24 April 5, 2023
Genevieve April 19, 2023
nice and thank you!
anas24 April 5, 2023
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