(Winner, Winner) Roast Chicken Dinners

January  4, 2012


WuNotWoo January 9, 2012
I do! I swearrrrr, sorry I've been off the grid. Hope you all are well! Send Amanda and Merrill my regards~
WuNotWoo January 9, 2012
oh, oops, this meant to be in response to kristen's comment... (no delete comment button? D:)
Kristen M. January 9, 2012
No worries! Will send regards, expectations of more fabulous recipes.
zieker January 9, 2012
Just when I thought I couldn't eat any more chicken... Tim, you had me at "Misoyaki"!
WuNotWoo January 8, 2012
I very much approve of this list, hahah. Thanks for the feature!
Kristen M. January 9, 2012
Thanks for the chicken! (Got any more killer recipes for us? We know you do...)