How to Juice Any Citrus

January 27, 2012

In the spirit of Your Best Citrus Contest, we're showing you how to get the most out of any citrus. Watch Merrill as she gives her lime a quick roll on the counter, a slice down the middle, and some serious reamer action. She demonstrates with a lime, but her technique can apply to the citrus of your choice. 

Now, go test out Your Best Citrus Contest finalists, and vote for your favorite!

This week's video was once again shot and edited by our fabulous videographer Elena Parker.

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    Devangi Raval
Brette Warshaw

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maitfinley February 8, 2012
Dave Arnold has some interesting posts about lime juice at the Cooking Issues website. He found that using the mexican style juicer gives a much higher quality of juice compared to rotating juicers, with a fairly negligible loss of volume.

I have compared hand reaming versus the lever type juicers and I feel there is a noticeable increase in bitterness and lower quality with the hand reamers as they extract more pulp and solids.

Another trick with the lever juicers is to cut a bit off both ends of the lime prior to to cutting it in half. This will make the juicing a little easier.
yani1shu January 28, 2012
I use a mexican juicer -

Works better and quicker than anything. You can also use it for smaller oranges.
Devangi R. January 27, 2012
I microwave lemon before cutting for about 20 secs, it really brings out lots of juice..